Training Week Commencing 30th July.

Tuesday 6:30pm
Improvers Group
Who: Cheryl Trundle
What: Meet & retreats (approx 200m)
Where: Castle Manor School-Track.

Experienced Group
Who: Trev Bunch
What: Timed out & backs
Where: Castle Manor School- Top field.

****** ANNOUNCEMENT ******

This weeks Tuesday training session will be the last one which will be held at Castle Manor School, due to the grass not being cut during the summer holiday. The remainder of the summer training plan will remain the same but I will announce the different venues week by week on my weekly post. Thank you 😊


Thursday 7:30pm
What: Kedington KH rd 5
Who: every single one of us !! 😊
Where: Kedington green, next to The Barnie Arms pub.

6:10pm Group is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Leisure centre.
7:30pm Group is available on Tuesdays at the Leisure centre.

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