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It’s been a quiet week this week during the summer holidays. Well done Graeme Johnston on your triathlon and Michelle Gardner on your half in very windy conditions!

Seeing as this week there have been a few new runs and locations for people (seriously Ross how have you never been to the flood park??!!) I thought I’d give you some Haverhill running facts. Hopefully you might find a new run or training location or if you’re one of our newer members some ideas of how you want to progress in your running. 

Where can I hill train around Haverhill:

1. The old favourite – Falconer Road. A dead end road on a decent hill towards the Sturmer end of town. 0.2 miles from bottom to top with handily placed lamp posts for intervals training. Unfortunately last year the street lights were not maintained making it unsafe for large groups at night

2. Mace Hill – behind the leisure centre. Traffic free loop of 0.3 miles. Good for hill sprints but also Kenyan style hills too. Some parts are uneven.

3. School Lane – A  gentle incline progressing into a short sharp hill of 0.22 miles. Dead end up to the rugby club on well maintained concrete. The newt pond and rugby club is at the top and makes for nice laps as well. 

4. Haycocks Road – a long gentle incline that tests your stamina! From Sainsburys roundabout to the roundabout at the top it’s 0.7 miles. Turn left down Chimswell Way then left down Park Road for a full hill loop of 1.75 miles

5. Spindle Road – part of one of the winter routes this is a tough one. It flattens out a bit midway then goes up again. Its good for lots different hill training styles and again you can make use of Park Road for a big loop totalling 0.9 miles. Some areas are not brilliantly lit.

The flood park (West Town Park) is a nice off road run. You can do a mile rep workout with a little cool down before starting again. Its relatively flat but a little uneven. Not lit at night.

The Recreation Ground has a criss cross of concrete paths that make good places for sprints and intervals!

Leaving from Sainsburys and running along the Roman Road all the way to Addenbrookes is just about a half marathon distance

There are some handy country lane loops around The Camps. From Burton End roundabout you can follow the roads in various loops of 6 miles upwards. There are loads of options on these pretty country lanes. You can easily do just road, off road or a mix of both.

Withersfield to Thurlow then Wratting back to Haverhill is a hilly but good road route of about eight miles. To get some more miles head straight over at the Wratting crossroads to Kedington. From there there’s loads of options like heading over to Wilsey Farm or following the road out of Kedington all the way back to the Golf Club and railway track.

That’s all for this evening, it would be great to get HRC runner input on this post and we can pin it to the page for references to runs!!

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