Great North Run raises money for charity of the year

Wow! Where to even start!!??

Kevin Henry – our best overall performance yet! 2nd place! Congratulations to every runner who turned out and ran for us – together we made it happen! 

Congratulations to our trophy winners and to Nicki Davis for coming First Lady overall. The C&C course is known for its PB potential and it did not disappoint! There were PBS from Sarah Harris, by 53 seconds – getting closer to sub-30!, Jemma Benson now has 29:29, Daniel Pelling is sitting at 20:51, Sally Johnston knocked 22 seconds off her previous 5K PB, recent beginners graduate James Hymas got a PB and Cheryl Eden squeaked a new one too! Junior Peter Johnston is doing amazingly and keeps chipping away at his 5K time, Dionne Walford got her first sub-30 5K and Kevin Barker is only 3 seconds away! Danielle Hutton got a new PB by over 2 minutes. Russell Docking also got a PB along with Sharon Borowy, Jamie Randall, Tracy Betts, Laura Brown Hall, Kirsty Jones, Emma Moss, Mark Phillips and Kathy Dew. Peter Miller went sub16 minutes and finished in 15:37, one second off the top spot on the club records! Alison Goodwin continues her amazing running streak and got a new 5K PB of 21:36, nearly one minute quicker than her previous! Vanessa Hardy and Denver Lloyd both got new PBs by nearly 5 minutes! Amazing. 

Not content with one PB at Kevin Henry this week your secretary Clair Gale also got a new half marathon PB of 2:06:50! Congratulations!

Hopefully people have seen the article in the Haverhill Echo about the runners for Joshua Tarrant Trust at the Great North Run. They raised thousands for the HRC charity of the year – well done you guys, you are amazing! Founder of the charity and club member Denise ran the Great North Run as her first half. She was joined by Alison Smith, Clare Everett (who got a new PB of 2:07:25), Jan Walker, Jason Gale, Luke Withers, Joanne Rosenwald (who is celebrating a well earned PB after waiting for it for two years!), Cheryl Trundle, Geoff Buddington, Sil Clay, Maria Reed, Claire Anderson, Robert Wigmore and Della Johnson. Well done everyone! Definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

Over at parkrun this week Fiona Tideswell was 1st lady home at Haverhill. Her family also got in on the act, stepped up their stride and rodeo’d their way to a 5,6,7,8 finish. Ethan Bright who is 6 years old got nearly a five minute PB and ran a 5K in 33:10! Paul Murkin finished in 2nd place followed by Paul game in 3rd. 

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