Massive marathon PB alert!

Jo Rosenwold continued her PB streak this week with not one, but two new PBs! She knocked just over a minute off her 10K time with a new PB of 52:19 and then got a new marathon PB is Spain. Jo’s previous marathon time was 4:38:37 and her new one is now 4:06:31. Thats a new PB by 32 minutes! 32! What an amazing few weeks for Jo who quietly gets on with it and regularly gives up her time and runs to help with the beginners and other runners. Well done Jo!

More HRC runners took on long distances this week with Sirkka Love completing the Equinox24. She ran four very hilly 10K laps of the course in her furthest ever distance in one go. Well done Sirkka, what an achievement! Ross Arnold took part in the Great Barrow challenge and over two days ran the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai laps completing 21.40 and 6.20 miles for some very cool medals.

Dionne Walford got herself a new 10K PB of 1:03:31. Suz Carter-White and Alison Smith ran at the beautiful looking Thetford Forest of Lights run. Maria Reed took on organising a team to run in the Chariots of Fire race in Cambridge. A fun yet competitive event where runners in teams of six each run 1.7 miles. Maria, Alison Smith, Suz Carter-White, Gina Hickey, Jacqueline Hewitt and Anna Garner completed the course in 1:37:30.

There were a number of PBs and top finishes at parkrun this week. Junior runner Adam Everitt finished first in his age category at the Clare Castle 100th run. Fiona Tideswell finished 1st lady at Haverhill and Paul Murkin was 2nd. Naomi Shelmerdine ran in Durham and Christopher and Clare Hall were in Long Eaton. Andy Quick finished in a speedy time in Mulbarton, Norfolk, Anette Hall had a break from RD duties and ran at Great Notley, Kim McGinley ran at Castle parkrun, Russell Docking was over at Holkham and Charlie and James Minnette ran Victoria Dock park run, which according to The Running Channel is the fastest parkrun in the UK! 28 runners supported Clare at their 100th run and Nicki Davis finished First Lady whilst dressed as Santa Claus. Jamie Randall also got himself a new PB here of 20:54. At Haverhill Rob Wigmore got himself a fab PB of 26:54.

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