January Time Trial!

Just a reminder that tonight, 30th Jan, is the fist time trial of the year. Also, it is the first time trial of our new Time Trial Grand Prix Competition for 2020!

How it works:
•You run the TT as you normally would.
•Based on your age and time taken to complete the time trial, we will calculate your wava score. This will then be added to a spreadsheet.
•For each time trial you complete, you will be given a wava score. We will then take your best 6 wava times from a possible of 10 time trials.
•Once you have completed 6 of them, then you can try and knock out your worse wava time to improve your score.

Using the wava score levels out the playing field so this competition is for everyone!

The winner will be announced at awards night and will be presented with a shiny new trophy!

Who’s name will be the first to go on it????

Please meet outside the Sports Centre at 6.45 for a briefing so we can start promptly at 7pm. It will be the usual Winter Time Trial route, marshals are all arranged for your safety (thank you to our volunteers!) but do be mindful that the railway path near Manor Road is muddy at this time of year, there was standing water there on Tuesday.

Come and celebrate your time trial result at the Royal Exchange. You are more than welcome to bring a takeaway of your choice to replace all those calories you’ve just burnt. 😂
Thank you to Dionne Dory Walford.

I will also have unclaimed medals from last year’s club championship with me, I’ll try and get round to hand out as many as I can to those there.

One thought on “January Time Trial!

  1. Just wanted to say Graeme and the fab team at HRC, this is such a good idea and appreciate the energetic writing.

    Thank you


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