HRC cross country event – helpers needed!

Sunday 29th March – HRC hosts the final cross country race of the Suffolk Winter League! We have a reputation for putting on an awesome race and being very welcoming!! Let’s show everyone how it’s done!

As usual we can’t do this without your help! I’m looking for marshals, helpers for lots of jobs inc water table, last runner etc. We need someone to take on leading the tea/coffee/refreshments.

If you get in there quick you can pick your job…..😆

I am aware of some big races that are also on on this day. If you are running our race maybe you have a spouse/parent/friend/random stranger you could talk into helping!? The course is very well taped off so marshalling is very straightforward!

Please comment below or let me know via email/message/carrier pidgeon!


4 thoughts on “HRC cross country event – helpers needed!

  1. Hi Hayley

    I can help out ­ on the course, at the finish line ­ wherever you need me!

    Thanks Suzanne

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