Training Week commencing 17th February

****** PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ ******

Tuesday 6:30pm
Improvers Group
Who: Mark White
What: Hills – Falconer Rd
Where: Leisure centre

Experienced Group
Who: Trev Bunch
What: 1k reps – Sanofi loop
Where: Leisure centre

Who: Sil
What: 400m loop
Where: Leisure centre


Thursday 7pm
What: HRC club run – winter route 3 in reverse
Where: Leisure centre
Who: 7mm tbc
8mm tbc
9mm tbc
10mm Carl Oldford
10.5mm Sarah Harris Cheryl Eden
11mm Melissa Wasdall
11mm tail runner Stephanie Ravn-Aagaard
12mm Dave Greenham

6pm group is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Leisure centre.

****** PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ ******

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