Virtual KH #2 Ely

Virtual KH #2 Ely

What: 5k
When: between 6am Thursday 14th May & 10pm Sunday 17th May
Where: Anywhere you like!

Just run 5k record the evidence of distance and your time and post on my post on FB or email me your evidence


This month we are COMPETING against all the other KH clubs so not only do we need numbers we need speed as well!!

Five fastest males and five fastest females will score us extra points and turn out in numbers will increase our position further so EVERY SINGLE RUNNER COUNTS!

Last month we managed 97 runners we can get the magic 100 I know we can!

There will be no other challenge next week, so lower your mileage (maybe give the HRC letters a try) and start tapering ready to race!

Full details of the Kh league can be found here

Beginners Guide to Kevin Henry League

for those new to the club and want to know what all the fuss is about or simply ask any member and they’ll tell exactly why it’s so brilliant!

Good luck everyone!73706CA7-313C-4D18-9736-8D706FBC2071

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