HRC Training week commencing 29th June

As the number of people attending club training increases, it might not be possible to accommodate everyone on Tuesday evenings. If this happens we will try to add extra sessions on Thursdays.

This week we will be offering Improver Group sessions at Puddlebrook and Homefield Road, and Experienced Group sessions at Wilsey Farm.

If you would like to come to a training session next week, please use the form to indicate which day you would be able to attend. Groups will be put together based on estimated 5K time, to ensure that everyone in a group is of a similar ability.

To ensure that everyone gets the same chance of booking onto a session, it will no longer be ‘first come, first served’. Names will be drawn from a hat (or the modern version at least) to ensure that it isn’t just those who are online 24/7 who get priority.

If we can accommodate you we’ll email details of your session by close of play on Monday. If you’re unsuccessful in getting a place this week, we’ll put you at the top of the list next week.

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