When: Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd August
Where: Anywhere you like.

This would have been our race to host and normally we significantly outnumber all of the other clubs with our black and silver vests on show!

So far this series I’ve submitted 163 names on behalf of HRC, who have all done at least one race, so let’s see how close to this number we can get this time around.

Please encourage everyone you know who is a HRC member or second claim member to go out and get a point for our club.

Remember everyone who completes it will score a point for the club so it really doesn’t matter how quick you are. It is however a competition between other clubs and the first 5 men and 5 ladies will score us extra points and get us in a good position so if you think that could be you, please give it a good go!

Please post your times on the members Facebook post and I’ll do the rest or you can email your time to Craig.sisson@icloud.com.

Good luck everyone.

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