Sept Time Trial Results

Well done to everyone who took part in tonights time trial. Here are the results by finish position.

Full results can be found on the Time Trial page.

1Steve Mason00:17:5073.64% 
2Craig Sisson00:18:2271.23% 
3Samuel Turner00:18:4471.62% 
4Joshua Wigmore00:21:2765.42%Junior
5Glenn Fruish00:21:3073.10% 
6Brinn Spary00:21:5560.53% 
7Lee Brown00:21:3961.59% 
8Grace Judge00:25:3769.81% 
9Steve Butler00:25:3954.97% 
10Hayley Wilson00:25:5157.51% 
11Lee Taylor00:26:5353.63% 
12Ross Arnold00:27:0348.80% 
13James Hymas00:26:3451.63% 
14Samantha Stocks00:26:4657.35% 
15Clare Everitt00:26:5458.92% 
16Daniel Everitt00:26:5452.85% 
17Andrew Gage00:27:2050.49% 
18Tracy Betts00:27:3654.41% 
19Alison Smith00:27:4654.62% 
20Philip Tempest00:27:4660.50% 
21Julian Hope00:29:1553.73% 
22Clair Nagorski00:29:0350.83% 
23Sarah Harris00:29:0753.12% 
24Amy Greville00:28:5051.33% 
25Carl Hardy00:30:0650.17% 
26Lisa Haworth00:30:4749.27% 
27Marion Goddard00:30:5153.00% 
28Kim Wendelken00:31:2456.32% 
29Steph Ravn-Aagaard00:32:0046.15% 
30Sharon Borowy00:32:2252.16% 
31Suz Carter-White00:33:0246.47% 
32Louise Harris00:32:4148.09% 
33Saoirse O’Sullivan00:33:45 Guest
34Denver Lloyd00:34:4543.45% 
35Melissa Wasdall00:36:0940.85% 
36Lyn Fish00:36:1048.89% 
37Jannette Walker00:36:5349.07% 
38Lynnette Garstang00:39:0841.31% 
39Annette Hall00:39:4143.51% 
40Sally Johnston00:39:4240.30%Tail runner

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