Corrected Time Trial results – Oct 8th

1Steve Mason00:17:3374.83% 
2Andrew Bell00:18:2575.48% 
3Mathew Cowell00:19:4972.25% 
4Daniel Pelling00:20:5070.24% 
5Stephen Husband00:21:3360.40% 
6Lee Brown00:21:4461.73% 
7Glenn Fruish00:21:4872.09% 
8Marc Benson00:22:3859.28% 
9Tracy Quarrell00:23:5767.50% 
10David Bray00:24:1859.81% 
11Toby Wilson Waterworth00:24:1963.06% 
12Ellen Williams00:24:3260.19% 
13Hayley Wilson00:25:3358.19% 
14Grace Judge00:25:3869.77% 
15Clare Everitt00:26:0660.73% 
16Daniel Everitt00:26:0854.40% 
17James Hymas00:26:3351.66% 
18Kathryn Armour00:27:59 Guest
19Julian Hope00:29:0654.01% 
20Carl Hardy00:29:1951.51% 
21Graeme Johnston00:29:3249.94% 
22Amy Greville00:29:4449.78% 
23Sarah Harris00:29:4551.99% 
24Cheryl Eden00:29:4650.45% 
25Philip Tempest00:29:5256.25% 
26Stephen Miller00:29:5453.40% 
27Josh Iron00:30:1143.01% 
28Sam Boreham00:30:4342.38%Pacing
29Mia Fitzpatrick00:30:44 Guest
30Kim Wendelken00:30:5257.29% 
31Kylie Mitchell00:31:5046.39% 
32Melissa Wasdall00:32:5244.93% 
33Steph Ravn-Aagaard00:32:5644.84% 
34Sharon Borowy00:33:1450.80% 
35Louise Harris00:36:2443.18% 
36Lyn Fish00:36:3448.36% 
37Jannette Walker00:36:3449.50% 
38Suz Carter-White00:36:3541.96% 
39Victoria Bennett00:39:1837.91% 
40Jennifer Matthews-Jones00:40:3837.12% 
41Sally Johnston00:40:3939.77%Tail runner

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