Time Trial results 29th Oct

Well done everyone who took part in tonights 5K Time Trial. This was Race 6 of the GP, just one more to go!

Tonights results are below, with the full results including league standings available on the website HERE

1Steve Mason00:18:0472.69% 
2Stephen Husband00:21:3660.26% 
3Glenn Fruish00:21:3872.65% 
4Michael Bailey00:24:2156.33% 
5John Hazard00:25:1761.11% 
6Clare Everitt00:26:4259.36% 
7Daniel Everitt00:26:4353.21% 
8James Hymas00:26:5450.99% 
9Kathryn Armour00:27:4561.56% 
10Andrew Gage00:28:0049.29% 
11Ross Arnold00:27:5547.28% 
12Mia Fitzpatrick00:28:36 Guest
13Sam Boreham00:28:3745.49% 
14John Nevin00:27:4662.91% 
15Alison Smith00:28:3053.22% 
16Julian Hope00:29:0853.95% 
17Cheryl Eden00:29:2151.16% 
18Philip Tempest00:30:0555.84% 
19Sarah Harris00:29:4551.99% 
20Stephen Miller00:30:3752.15% 
21Clare Clark00:30:38 Guest
22Paul Sherritt00:31:5147.78% 
23Keeley White00:31:4046.63% 
24Josh Iron00:31:4041.00% 
25Billy Elkins00:31:4249.95% 
26Stephen Reyes00:31:4247.63% 
27Louise Harris00:34:1545.89% 
28Suz Carter-White00:35:1143.63% 
29Suzanne Pattinson00:34:4154.11% 

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