HRC Club Championship 2021 – Virtual!

Hi all, in the absence of actual events happening in the near future we have decided to still go ahead with the Club Championship virtually.

On the website we have posted a list of qualifying distances to run each month, there are 2 per month to attempt, please start and finish at roughly the same place and submit your time via the link on the website and you’re entered!

It’s the same format as we have been using in previous years with the Wava score determining the results. This time, the best NINE of your scores will count to the championship results table, so if you only wish to do those then that’s fine, choose what suits you.

The distances have been selected with the hope that we can substitute actual events as things hopefully open up later this year, for example, October has 5 mile and 10k in the hope that Abington and the Saffron Fast Five are able to happen. In addition to this, as in previous years you will get 10 bonus points for each Kevin Henry race in which you compete. What could be easier?

The first distances selected for February are 5K and 10K.All rules, terms and entry details are on the website here

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