Time Trial Thursday April 29th 7pm

April’s time trial will be next Thursday, April 29th meeting in the square outside the leisure centre as normal.

Craig will be posting marshal requests separately, please look out for that and volunteer if you can, we can’t put on these events without help!

Registration details are now up on the website https://haverhillrunningclub.com/time-trials/

And please read the rules and regs regarding competing in the Time Trial on that page.

This week, for the first time this year, we will be running the Summer Route https://haverhillrunningclub.com/leisure-centre-5k-time…/

Please note an important update for the remainder of the year regarding virtual time trials – the text is on the website but I’ll copy below for your information.Providing the Government’s current roadmap out of Covid is still on course, all restrictions will be lifted no earlier than 21st June 2021. The conditions that existed requiring us to hold a virtual time trial will no longer be applicable therefore the committee has decided that the last virtual Time Trial will be MAY 2021 – from June onwards only the organised event will qualify you for our TT competition in 2021. As ever, this is subject to change if Government or England Athletic rulings change.

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