Club Championship Update April 2021

The Club Championship standings at the end of April have been updated and are available to view on the website.…/

I have included the bonus 10 points for all those who have taken part in the first Kevin Henry event of the year but in the results summary I’ve not included those whose only score is the KH bonus for clarity purposes but rest assured the points are logged!

For May we are looking for a 10K and Half Marathon for the Club Championship.

Just a reminder that we need the total time from start to finish to count (including any breaks) and your run should start and finish around the same place. However, for the half marathon, a linear run can be included providing there is no elevation gain on the route. I know a number of runners are targeting the Roman Road route this month, you can use this route to count towards your Championship score providing you reach the distance of course!

Well done to all who have taken part so far and good luck for May.

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