London Marathon ballot update

Thank you all for your patience whilst we wait to hear what is happening. Due to cancellation of last years marathon all runners were given the option to defer their places to either 2021 or 2022. This then impacts on wether we get any club places for the 2021 race. Our three successful ballot winners all deferred their place to 2021. Huge good luck wishes to them!

This means that this year we do not have any ballot places to give out for the 2021 race. We should have at least two places for 2022 but there will not be a ballot for this years race. This is the way that has been deemed fairest by the London marathon organisers.

With that in mind we need to consider a bus for this years event!

It is hard to know during covid uncertainties but we are planning as if everything will go ahead. So first I need to know if it’s worth us doing a bus! Please let me know below if you would be interested in a bus seat. Note that this doesn’t reserve you a seat yet! It’s so we know the level of demand!

Thanks everyone and happy running!!

4 thoughts on “London Marathon ballot update

  1. I’d be interested in a seat on the bus for London please as I got in on the ballot this year.

  2. Hi I would definitely use the bus as I’m running London and if possible would love another 2 seats for Ellen and my friend Val
    Thank you
    Fran xxxxx

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