February 2022 Time Trial Results

Congratulations to all that took part in the February Time Trial and the category winners who received this month recieved medals.

Tony Bacon kindly sponsored the time trial tonight and provided the medals but has asked that if you can could you make a small donation to our club charity which is supporting research into MND. Every £1 will help this great cause.

Our JustGiving Page is here

A big thanks to Tony and all.

Charlie Minnette00:18:43
Paul Game00:19:35
Lee Brown00:21:24
Glenn Fruish00:22:15
Harry Minnette00:22:37
Cameron Wishart00:23:20
Tom Phillips00:23:51
Caitlyn Wishart00:24:24
Luke Britten00:24:51
Erin Sari00:24:51
Tujan Sari00:24:52
Zachary Pollard00:24:57
James Minnette00:24:58
Graham Dixon00:25:00
Toby Wilson Waterworth00:25:06
Andrew Gage00:25:24
Marc Benson00:27:04
Kevin Millard00:27:06
Allison Austin00:28:10
Hayley Wilson00:28:53
Kerry Boreham00:32:56
Diena Bolton00:32:57
Vanessa Hardy00:35:20
Kathleen Dew00:35:21
Sophie Mayes00:36:23
Emma Brown00:36:24
Louise Harris00:36:58

One thought on “February 2022 Time Trial Results

  1. Tujan’s name appears twice, he likes the faster time but really the 2nd time is correct and he finished just after Erin. They both say thank you and enjoyed the event.

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