HRC TCS London Marathon 2022 Ballot

It is that time of year when we all check our emails to see whether we have been lucky enough to get into the London Marathon.

Congratulations, to all HRC members who got a ballot place. Good luck with the training!

For another chance in gaining a place in the TCS London Marathon 2022, we are holding a ballot for those who have applied and not been successful. Sadly, this year due to the volume of deferrals, we only have one allocated place.

To be in with a chance of winning the HRC ballot, enter our draw by submitting your details here

Please only enter if :

  • You are entering for yourself and not on behalf of someone else
  • You are available to take part on Sunday 2nd October
  • You are a HRC member
  • You have entered the TCS London Marathon ballot and received a “regret” email.

The draw will take place on Monday 28th March and the lucky winner will be asked to forward their “regret” email with the link to the announcement as proof. Please use the same email address on the forms link above, as you used for the TCS London Marathon ballot. Failure to do this, will nullify your entry and we will re-draw .

Good luck!

One thought on “HRC TCS London Marathon 2022 Ballot

  1. The ballot form wanted a google email address. I don’t have on so sent it via my husbands with my email address that my unsuccessful email came to at the bottom. Is that ok.

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