Round Norfolk Relay

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The Round Norfolk Relay will be with us on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of September 2022. For those of you who are not familiar with the RNR, it is a 198-mile relay race that starts and finishes in the town of Kings Lynn. As the name suggests the course follows the boundary of the county of Norfolk.


There are 17 stages in total with a wide range of distances to be covered (see the table below)

Stage  PlaceDistance (miles)     Terrain (day/night)    
1K.Lynn – Hunstanton16.32Multi               day
2Hunstanton – Burnham Ov.13.75Multi               day
3Burnham Ov. – Wells5.76Multi               day
4Wells – Cley11.14Multi               day
5Cley – Cromer10.81Multi               day
6Cromer – Mundesley7.90Road                day
7Mundesley – Lessingham9.24Road               day
8Lessingham – Horsey7.52Road                day
9Horsey – Belton16.60Road             night
10Belton – Earsham18.13Road            night
11Earsham – Scole12.45Road            night
12Scole – Thetford19.67Road            night
13Thetford – Feltwell13.25Road            night
14Feltwell – Wissington7.27Road            night
15Wissington – D.Mkt10.59Road            dawn
16D.Mkt – Stowbridge5.49Road              day
17Stowbridge – K.Lynn11.73Multi              day


This is a 24 hour non-stop event held over the weekend. Each team must complete the course within 28.5 hours; this means that an average pace of 8.40 minutes per mile has to be maintained. Please be aware that many of the early multi-terrain  stages are on sand and shingle and will slow you down.

This is a fantastic event that tests both the individual runners and the Club. The only note of caution is the cut off time of 28.5 hours – so there may need to be a selection exercise. I am aware that this is an issue for some runners but if the clubs strongest runners can take the long stages this can buy a considerable amount of time for the less confident.


Please click on the link below to learn more.


If you don’t want to run but do want to be involved there are a number of ways you can do this: Driving, Cycling, Time keeping, Marshalling and shouting support. If you are interested please volunteer, as the weekend is an amazing experience.

We also need 6 people to Marshall the changeover at Scole – this involves a late-night guiding people in and out of a car park and keeping runners safe. If you want to help at Scole please contact Dave Greenham at:


If you want to experience the challenge of the RNR and spend a great weekend with the Club please e-mail me: Stephen Reyes at Inevitably there may be a FACEBOOK chat but formally notify me on the email above.

Please provide me with the following:

  1. 1st and 2nd choice of stage 
  2. Your current 5k, 10k or Half times (whichever is closest to the stage you want) – from that I will calculate your stage time.
  3. Your date of birth, and age on race day
  4. Mobile telephone number
  5. If you want to take part but not sure about running – is there a job you fancy?

If you have any questions please drop me a line. This really is the most fantastic event so don’t be shy.


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