Member of the Month – May 2022

Member of the month for May is……

Tujan Sari 👏👏

A little bit about him;

Tujan joined HRC in July 2019 and can often been seen supporting our wonderful junior section.

Our reason;

After running our Hockeys 5k at Horseheath, Tujan heard a runner from another club inform me that he had lost his car key somewhere on the site.

Without any hesitation, Tujan offered to re-run the undulting 5k route again with the man to look for the key.

Unfortunately, the key could not be found, but Tujan did not stop there.

With the help of his daughter, Erin, they managed to open the mans van, let out his dog and get his house key out. Tujan then offered to drive the man to his house in Milton to collect his spare van key, and bring him back, a total of just under 40 miles, so he could then collect the stranded vehicle from the carpark.

Tujan eventually made it home at around 11pm.

What a gentleman, he most definately went above and beyond.

Well done and thank you Tujan.

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