5K Handicap Time Trial

The Handicap Time Trial is back, with a difference. Rather than the usual 5M event on the airfield at Stradishall, this one is going to replace our usual Time Trial on Thursday 30th June.

Here’s how it works

Anyone who wants to take part in the June TT needs to submit some recent race times using the link below. Based on these times we will work out an estimated 5K time for each runner. On the night, runners will start the TT according to their estimated 5K time (their handicap). Those with the slowest 5K time will start first and the fastest will start last. If everyone ran their predicted time all runners would finish together, but in reality some people will run faster than predicted and some will run slower. It really is an open race and there’s a prize for the winner!

To take part you need to register HERE by Sunday 26th June

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