Handicap Time Trial 30th June

For those who have registered to take part in tomorrows handicap time trial, here are your start times.

NameStart time
Cheryl claydon07:00:00 PM
Richard Burford07:01:30 PM
Jan Walker07:02:00 PM
James Minnette07:02:30 PM
Joan Nevin07:02:30 PM
Ronan Cassidy07:02:30 PM
Clare Clark07:03:30 PM
Karen North07:04:00 PM
Diena Bolton07:04:00 PM
James Hymas07:04:30 PM
Julian Hope07:05:00 PM
David mansfield07:06:00 PM
Suzanne Pattinson07:06:30 PM
Grace Judge07:07:00 PM
Ross Arnold07:07:00 PM
Clair Nagorski07:07:30 PM
Hayley Wilson07:08:00 PM
Silke Sheppard07:08:30 PM
Toby Wilson Waterworth07:09:30 PM
Neil Darracott07:09:30 PM
Stuart Nunn07:10:00 PM
John Nevin07:10:30 PM
Marc Benson07:11:30 PM
Mary-Ann Tuli07:11:30 PM
Mark Novels07:15:00 PM
Ian Elden07:15:00 PM
Peter Cooke07:18:30 PM

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