Time Trial 30th June – Results

Congratulations to James Hymas for being the winner of this years Handicapped Time Trial. He managed to knock 3m30s off his predicted time, more than anyone else, and therefore crossed the finish line first.

Well done to everyone who took part. Here are the times

1Peter Cooke17:02
2Mark Novels19:35
3Ian Elden19:54
4Kevin Millard22:04
5Mary-Ann Tuli24:12
6Toby Wilson Waterworth24:26
7Erin Sari24:52
8Tujan Sari24:53
9Neil Darracott25:01
10David mansfield26:29
11Silke Sheppard26:44
12James Hymas27:02
13Suzanne Pattinson27:15
14Grace Judge27:16
15Clair Nagorski27:19
16Hayley Wilson27:20
17Julian Hope29:00
18Ronan Cassidy29:18
19James Minnette29:19
20Ross Arnold29:30
21Diena Bolton30:36
22Clare Clark31:41
23Richard Burford32:01
24Cheryl Claydon32:34
25Joan Nevin32:38

One thought on “Time Trial 30th June – Results

  1. Thank you for the results Trevor. What fun …. my first handicapped race!
    Wishing you an enjoyable weekend
    Toby WW

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