June 2022 – Member of the Month

Dave Greenham

A little bit about him

Dave has been a member of HRC for many years and is often one of the first to volunteer, whether it be to marshal on ‘Daves bridge’ at time trial, to organise the team at 2am at Scole for Round Norfolk Relay, or be cycle support at the back of a club run.

Dave is without a doubt, one of our most valuable members and as someone once said ‘Every club needs a Dave Greenham, but they can’t have ours’.

Our reason

Dave had by far the most votes EVER received for Member of the month!

Each and every one of them was to say what an amazing job he did of pulling off Neils dream of 1000 miles in 1000 hours.

The things people mentioned most were how he brought the community together, how he ‘did Neil proud’, supported Neils family as they adjust to a new ‘normal’ and enabled people to share experiences that they had had with Neil, but most of all, to raise awareness and much needed funds for MND.

Dave spent many, many hours at ‘base camp’ or walking the route, come rain or shine, night or day, even if he was not on the rota.

I think you’ll agree, Dave deserves squatters rights in the gazebo next to the rugby club.

Dave Greenham, you truly are a legend!

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