PB League update

The PB League has been updated to reflect the last shout out / round up of results on 3rd July by Tracy, if there are any missing as it relies on me manually checking Facebook let me know….

NameNumber of PBs
Keeley White8
Stephen Husband5
David Percy4
Sam Boreham3
Wayne Maund3
Daniel Pelling2
Lisa Harling2
Louise Harris2
Mark Novels2
Melanie Mansfield2
Oliver Hughes2
Alison Goodwin1
Anna O’Hare1
Carl Oldford1
Chay Hopkins1
Cheryl Eden1
Danile Everitt1
Denise Tarrant1
Emily Chapman1
Glenn Fruish1
Helen Spooner1
James Minnette1
Jo Reynolds1
Josh Wigmore1
Kellie Garrod1
Kelly Walton1
Lisa Bruton1
Natasha Smith1
Nicole Sisson1
Victoria Bennett1
Victoria Gage1
Wendy Giddins1
Westley Walker1

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