Time Trial Results – July 2022

Here are the July Time Trial Results (sorry it’s a little late)

1Ben Philips00:18:51
2Paul Game00:19:30
3Ian Elden00:20:05
4Gerald Keil00:20:28
5Tom Phillips00:22:31
6Nicole Sisson00:23:57
7Kate Russell00:24:04
8Dave Mansfield00:26:29
9Kellie Garrod00:26:54
10Kevin Jamieson00:26:54
11James Hymas00:27:09
12Keeley White00:27:33
13Mel Mansfield00:27:34
14Claire Everitt00:27:42
15Daniel Everitt00:27:43
16Karen Noth00:29:13
17Cheryl Trundle00:29:14
18Kurt Siss00:30:08
19Stephen Reyes00:30:08
20Nick Hodge00:30:13
21Michael Spackman00:30:18
22Emma Haylock00:30:18
23Diena Bolton00:30:33
24Cheryl Claydon00:33:13
25Janet Douglas00:34:09
26Emma McDougall00:35:03
27Chris LeRoy00:36:31
28Heather Ryan00:40:10
29Dave Greenham00:40:12
30Bill Banner00:40:13
31Susam Marren00:42:57
32Horace Shuriah00:43:01
33Louise Hams00:43:01

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