Member of the month – August 2022

Angus Duckworth Smith.

Angus has always run with HRC since he was a young boy.

He was the first of six juniors to join when HRC Juniors formed four years ago and is one of two from the original crew.

He clearly enjoys his running, is very dedicated, trains hard and mixes very well with others. He is a team player through and through.

He has represented the club as a junior in races and once he was of age Kevin Henry’s, and also now Hockey’s.

He recently stepped up and helped the senior team at Ekiden. All of these reasons add up to his award as member of the month.

Sil says it has truly been wonderful watching Angus grow into a responsible young man who is always happy to help and a real pleasure to coach.

Well done Angus, we think you are a star 🌟and wish you continued success in your running journey.

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