Thurlow 5/10 – Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been saying that a lot today, but I can’t say it enough. Every single person who helped out in some way this weekend has been absolutely amazing!

Most people who go to races have no idea how many people it takes to make the magic work. I do, and in the case of todays race it was about 60. On top of the 20 marshals who were out on the course there were another 30 volunteers helping with course set up, course take down, car parking, registrations, refreshments, traffic management, water stations, baggage store, finish area management, lead cyclists, tail runners, buying 200 bananas, and helping to get a van load of stuff over to Thurlow (in the back of their cars). Then there’s the amazing guys from racesonline, RAYNET who ensure we can all communicate with each other in what’s bascially a mobile signal black hole, and the first aid team. This year for the first time we also had help on the day from the police cadets, which was much appreciated.

The weather wasn’t kind to us this year but everyone cracked on and did what needed to be done (pushing cars off the field wasn’t in anyone’s job description!). The end result was another very well received race and more importantly, everyone back safely.

On behalf of the club and all the runners I want to say one final thank you to all our volunteers today:

Allison Austin, Andrew Bell, Barry Judge, Bill Banner, Bryan Rootes, Cheryl Claydon, Cheryl Trundle, Clare Clarke, Clare Everitt, Dan Everitt, Dave Percy, Debbie Hartshorn, Eleanor Bunch, Grace Judge, Graeme Johnston, Hayley Wilson, Helen George (and Jamie), Horace Shuriah, Jackie Westrope, James Hymas, Jan Walker, Jill Bunch, John Hall, John Nevin, John Steel, Kelly Mepham, Mandy Wilson, Marc Benson, Mark Novels, Mary Ann Tuli, Matt Wyatt-Grainge, Melanie Catten, Natalie Lewis, Neil Darracott, Rachel Darvill, Roger Westrope, Sally Johnston, Shirley Fowler, Sil Clay, Sirkka Love, Stacey Castle, Stephen Reyes, Steve Miller, Steve Oglesby, Suzanne Pattinson, Teresa Franklin, Tony Bacon and Tracy Pelling.

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