Tuesday Training 11th April 2023

Spring has sprung, so this week we will be heading up to Castle Manor for the first time this year! Even more exciting than that, I’ve lined up a guest coach in the form of Kelly Mepham (ably assisted by Mark Novels) and the session is going to be BINGO!

If you’re scratching your head at the last bit, don’t worry I’ll explain. All 3 groups will be joined together and then split into 2 mixed ability teams. Each team will need to collect coloured cones which are set at intervals across the playing field (some close, some far away). As a team you need to decide on a strategy to try and collect all 50 cones faster than the other team. The losing team gets to ‘steal’ a runner from the winning team to even things up for the next game. Simples!

If you haven’t been to a training session at Castle Manor before – you enter the site through the main entrance on Eastern Avenue, then drive/run through the school grounds as far as you can go. At the rear of the site, you’ll find a small car park and the entrance to the playing fields.

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