Club Championship Update

There have been some fantastic race results this season already, but so far only 5 ladies and 5 men have submitted any of their times for the Club Championship. Remember, this year it works differently – you have to tell us which race results you want to be be considered for your score (you can chose from any officially measured race).

Nothing happens automatically, so whether or not your result already appears on the results page, remember to fill in the Google Form when you’d like a result to count. You can find this link on the website page or use the one below:

You don’t need to wait until you hit a particular target – submit a result and if you better your time later on, submit that one as well and we’ll replace it. We’d rather you didn’t hold back submitting results as it’s nice to see the table taking shape throughout the year, so ideally please try to submit a result within no more than a month of running it. And you don’t need to worry about whether your half marathon time might have a higher score than a 5km time, or a 10km time, etc. – submit them all, and we’ll figure out which of your results are your best (from an age-grading perspective).

Here’s the current standings:

PointsNumber of EventsNamePositionNameNumber of EventsPoints
204.803Sil Clay1Mark Novels3226.06
167.162Cheryl Trundle2Wayne Maund3181.80
105.652Maria Reed3Stephen Husband171.89
73.581Mary Ann Tuli4John Nevin170.39
65.001Grace Judge5Mathew Cowell170.08

If you need a reminder of the full rules, head over to the website page : Club Championships 2023 – Haverhill Running Club

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