Exciting news – Ekiden is back!

This year’s Ekiden race will be held on Sunday 23rd July 2023.

This is a fantastic club funded event and a really good opportunity for the whole club to get involved, whether spectating or participating!

This year the event is being held at a new venue, the prestigious grounds of Ipswich High School at Woolverstone – https://www.ipswichhighschool.co.uk/. The course is off road, mainly on a fast flat lawn, with each full lap an accurately measured 2.5k.

The Junior Ekiden race will start at 09:30. Teams of four will run as a relay in one-mile legs and will be expected to complete the race within 45 minutes. Children aged 8 and under must run with an adult. There’ll be a medal for all junior runners, and a trophy for each winning team (6 categories).

The Senior Ekiden race will take place after the Junior race has finished at 10.20. Teams of six runners (minimum age 16) will run a total distance of 26.2 miles as a relay, with each leg of the relay covering a different distance: Leg 1 – 7.2k (3 laps); Leg 2 – 5k (2 laps); leg 3 – 10k (4 laps); Leg 4 – 5k (2 laps); leg 5 – 10k (4 laps); and Leg 6 – 5k (2 laps).

Teams will be chip timed through a baton.

So come on, let’s get the teams filled up this year and take a coach full down!

Register your interest here: https://forms.gle/cmJgfsBRUgYPAzm48

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