Grand Prix Series 2013/14

The Grand Prix Series is intended as an added incentive to run in club races and have some fun at the same time. At the end of the Grand Prix the awards will be given to top male and female.

The scoring will be done by the WAVA age grading system so that it gives a fairer chance to all. The best six races will be scored from the races you choose to do plus a bonus run which you may choose yourself. The race you choose as your bonus must be emailed before the event to me at The Kevin Henry series and Suffolk Grand Prix will score you an extra 20 points per race.

To be in the Haverhill Grand Prix series you must be a paid up member and wear your club vest when racing. Please can you email me your results so that I can add them up and add them to league’s last race of the series which will be the Hadleigh 10, so that it gives me time to finalise results by the end of the year.

Good luck and happy running

Results so far – Final end of season results



points / races / bonus included


 points / races / bonus included

Martin Lawrence

 700.40 / 7 / yes

Mary Ann Moseley

652.30 / 7 / yes

Mark White

640.30 / 7 / yes

Sian-Marie Lucas

 597.30 / 7 / yes

Ian Elden

626.40 / 7 / yes

Siobhan Dockerill

 561.80 / 7 / yes

John Nevin

490.50 / 6 / yes

Cheryl Trundle

 488.30 / 5

Jamie Randall

449.80 / 5 / yes

Shirley Fowler

 400.20 / 5 / yes

Full Results

2014 (Excel)

2013 (Excel)

(you can sort and filter the results using the little arrows at the top of the columns)




5 January

Suffolk XC Ickworth

23 February

Tarpley 10/20

9 March

Cambridge Half Marathon

23 March

Stowmarket Half Marathon *

6 April

Bungary Marathon/Half Marathon *

5 May

Ashdon 10k

20 June

Pacers 5 *

31 August

Framlingham 10k

14 September

Grunty Fen Half Marathon – added to replace the Hadleigh race

05 October

Abington 10k

19 October

Saxon 5 *

19 October

Thurlow 10

Hadleigh 5/10m * – Has been removed as the race is after the Award night on the 1 November

* = Suffolk Grand Prix races

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