HRC GP 2014/15

WS Martin road runner

The Grand Prix Series is intended as an added incentive to run in club races and have some fun at the same time.

As GP uses the WAVA (see below) age grading system and has races over different distances and terrain, its the true leveler of ability!

At the end of the Grand Prix the awards will be given to top male and female.

Good luck and happy running, Martin.


Total Points Top six races SGP Points KH Point Bonus Race
Martin Lawrence 800.44 476.80 120.00 120.00 Abington 83.64
Sian Marie Lucas 782.10 442.80 140.00 120.00 Cambridge KH 79.30
Andrew Bell 761.06 460.20 100.00 120.00 Cambridge 10K 80.86
Mary Ann Moseley 743.64 427.20 120.00 120.00 Cambridge 10K 76.44
Mark White 732.20 418.20 120.00 120.00 Newport 74.00
Ian Elden 677.40 404.30 100.00 100.00 Great Bentley 73.10
John Nevin 676.80 406.20 80.00 120.00 Cambridge KH 70.60
Charlotte Acheson 674.40 371.30 120.00 120.00 Great Bentley 63.10
Graham Dixon 658.39 355.90 120.00 120.00 Cambridge 10K 62.49
Craig Sisson 652.59 383.60 100.00 100.00 Cambridge 10K 68.99

Details of the next years GP will be released as soon as they are confirmed

  • The scoring will be done by the WAVA age grading system so that it gives a fairer chance to all.
  • The best six races will be scored from all the races you choose to do plus….
  • a bonus race which you may choose yourself, The race you choose as your bonus must notified to me before the event. Please use the form to the right.
  • A maximum of two XC races can count no more!
  • The Kevin Henry series and Suffolk Grand Prix will score you an extra 20 points per race.
  • To be in the HRC Grand Prix series you must be a paid up member and wear your club vest when racing.
  • If you have any questions email me directly – happy to help!

Only the 7 highest (6 + your bonus race) will ever count towards the final score – a runner might have more races, and the scores can still change if another GP race scores higher then an existing one. I.E Andrew Bell’s 6 races still include a XC race, his next race (with luck) will score higher.

Max of 2 XC races included unless other races scored higher – and /or total points if less then 6 races

Full Results

2015 (Results Grand Prix 2014-15 Final)

2014 (Excel)

2013 (Excel)

(you can sort the results using the little arrows at the top of the columns in the Excel document)




 26 October 2014  Framlingham XC
 23 November  Hadleigh 5 & 10*
 7 December  Woodbridge XC
 18 January 2015  Stowmarket XC
 15 February Bungay XC
 22 February  Tarpley 10 & 20*
8 February Great Bentley Half
 1 March  Bury XC
 17 May  Woodbridge 10K*
 19 June  Stowmarket 5*
26 July Littleport 10K
6 September   Framlingham 10K*
20 September Ipswich 1/2 Marathon*
 27 September Saffron Walden 10K
 18 October  Thurlow 5/10*

* = Suffolk Grand Prix races

What is WAVA?

“Basically, Age-Graded Scoring allows all individuals within a race to be “scored” against each other. That is done by first comparing the individual’s finish time at that particular race distance to an “ideal” or best time (not necessarily the “world record”) achievable for that individual’s age and gender.” For a full explanation (from the web) click here

“WAVA has also developed the following broad “Achievement Levels” for use with Age-Graded Scoring. A score within each range indicates the level of performance achieved by an athlete.

  • 100% = Approximate World Record Level
  • 90-99% = World Class
  • 80-89% = National Class
  • 70-79% = Regional Class
  • 60-69% = Local Class”

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