The main weekly session is on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 7.30. In the winter months we meet at the leisure centre (Ehringshausen Way, Haverhill, CB9 0ER), and either train on the astroturf pitch or on the footpaths nearby.

In the summer months we train on the playing fields at Castle Manor Academy (Eastern Ave, Haverhill CB9 9JE).

The training schedule, giving the type of session and location, is prepared in advance and is shown below.

Every fourth week we focus on agility and strength and conditioning. The other weeks of each month include speed work (100/200m or 400m reps), hill reps and 1k reps. Each term we also do some relay training.

The team monitors improvement, offers advice according to needs and preferences and is always ready to discuss any issues with members of the group or parents. We aim to be discreet and only publish race results on this website. Our aim is to be inclusive and celebrate everyone’s progress and achievements.


Every Saturday morning the group has the opportunity to race.

For three Saturdays a month we run our own 3k race at Motts Field (CB9 0LP) starting at 9am. Every fourth Saturday the group can take part in the 5k Haverhill Parkrun at Puddle Brook Playing Fields (Greenfields Way, CB9 8NJ) at 9am. Note that the 5k distance requires parental permission.

Three people in running race
Sorren at Haverhill Parkrun
Tuesday 18 June, Manor School training
16 juniors did a 2k handicap race round the 400m grass track. No PBs, not very likely on such a slopey track, but some excellent times all the same. Times for the two Charlies now added.
Ben 6:49
Benji 7:14
Tobin 7.20
Charlie 7:30
Harry 7:40
Peter 7:53
Jed 8:10
George 8:30
Sorren 8:39
Charlie N 9:00
Juliet 9:14
Sophie 9:24
Adam 10:15
Emily 10:16
Charlotte 10:37
Nicole 10:43
Tuesday 14 May, Manor School training
6 x 400m reps average times
Benji 1:10 (5 sets, nausea)
Sorren 1:17
Ben 1:18
George 1:23 (5 sets, back pain)
Jed 1:25
Josh 1:25 (3 reps, heel pain)
Juliet 1:34
Sophie 1:41
Adam 1:42
Leoni 1:43
Nicole 1:43 (5 reps, shin splints)
Tristan 2:23 (3 reps, first speedwork session)

Training schedule

6.30pm at the leisure centre.

Tuesday 1 October                  100m reps

Tuesday 8 October                  Hills, short and sharp

Tuesday 15 October                Bingo and games

Tuesday 22 October                Agility and conditioning

Tuesday 29 October                400m reps

Tuesday 5 November              Group run, 4k Fartlek

Tuesday 12 November            Hills, long and continuous

Tuesday 19 November            Pyramid reps

Tuesday 26 November            Agility and conditioning

Tuesday 3 December              400m reps (with Trevor Bunch and adults)

Tuesday 10 December            Team-building games

Tuesday 17 December            Time trial and games

Break for Christmas and New Year

Tuesday 7 January                  Agility and conditioning

Tuesday 14 January                Group run, 4k Fartlek

Tuesday 21 January                600m reps

Tuesday 28 January                Team building, races