Beginner’s guide to the Kevin Henry league

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What is the Kevin Henry league?

This is a series of six 5K races which take place between April and September. Six clubs compete in the league – HRC, Ely Runners, Saffron Striders, Newmarket Joggers, Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Club, and Cambridge Triathlon Club.

When and where are the races?

They are roughly monthly, and always take place on a Thursday evening. All races start at 7:30pm, apart from the last one which starts at 7pm due to failing light. Each club hosts one event so we get to experience six very different courses! We car share as much as possible so you won’t have to travel alone!

What are the races like?

The KH races are both fun and competitive – there is always a friendly atmosphere and runners of all abilities are welcomed and well supported. The majority of KH participants are not superfast runners! There are usually 250-300 runners in each race, and numbers are rising every year.

Should I participate?

YES, there is no better way to spend a summer’s evening! Whether you race, run, or jog the 5K you still get the buzz of being part of these brilliant events! Every runner counts, so why not come and help us win the league!

Every runner wins a point for the club score, so we need as many runners as possible – it truly does not matter how fast or slow you are. There are additional points at stake for the fastest runners too – you can read more about the scoring system here (scroll down!).

How do I enter?

All the races are FREE and there is no registration – just turn up! You do need to be a club member and wear an HRC vest or t-shirt.

How do I get a club vest or t-shirt?

Order it from the club shop.

How will I get my results?

After you cross the finish line you will be given a yellow token showing your overall finishing position. You need to hand this to Sian-Marie (or whoever is holding the clipboard) and make sure she has your name too. Please don’t take the yellow token home! The stopwatch times are then matched with finishing positions, which are matched to your names! It all takes a few days, but the results are normally on our website by the following Monday.

Are there any medals or prizes?

There are no prizes in the individual races – it’s all about club points! At the end of the series there are trophies for the male, female and overall winning clubs. There are also trophies for the top performing male and female runners across all races.

Additionally, there is a prize awarded by each club to one male and one female runner who have supported and embraced the spirit of the KH series (not necessarily the fastest!). Our female winner last year was Annette Hall – here she gives her take on the KH league as one of our slower runners…

Annette “The Kevin Henry 5k series is almost upon us. This post is aimed at all of you who think you are not good enough for ‘competition’ running, who think you are too slow or who are just a little bit worried about running alongside the Haverhill greats of Sian-Marie, Andrew and the other really fast guys.

So here are several reasons why you are good enough and you should join the team.

1) Every race is only 5k – if you can do the time trial course, you can do all the Kevin Henry races.


2) Yes, two of the courses have hills, but you live and train in a town with the name ‘hill’ in it, you can all run hills.

3) Kevin Henry is a team competition, everyone who finishes the race scores a point for the team. The more runners in a team, the more points we score.

How do I know you can all do this? Because last year, I did every single race and I loved them all. I was often the last Haverhill runner to finish. There were always other runners near me from other clubs running a similar pace. I was supported by all the marshals and cheered at every finish by a mass of Haverhill runners.

Even better, there are always jelly babies at the end and I got the best female runner prize from Haverhill.

This year it could be you!

Last year we came a very close third, wouldn’t it be great for Haverhill to come second this year.”

Be like Annette! Hope to see you all at the first fixture on the 28th!
Sian-Marie x