PB League2019

PB League Rules

PB stands for Personal Best.

  • Only PB’s at the following distances count towards the PB League: 5K, 5 mile, 10K, 10 mile, Half-Marathon, 20 mile and Marathon.
  • A first attempt at a distance will not qualify as a PB for the league.
  • PB’s have to be set on an accurately measured course.
  • PB’s ran in a race, parkrun or club time-trial will qualify, as long as they are accurately measured. A PB set whilst out training will not count.
  • League started 01/01/2019 and will finish the Sunday before awards night (usually in November/December).
  • A PB is your best time ever for the set distance.
  • The person with the most PB’s at the end of the competition wins.
  • Second claim members PB’s will only qualify for this league if their PB was achieved in an event in which they represent Haverhill Running Club.

Updated 31/10/19

Name“Personal Bests” so far this year
Sally Johnston17
Cheryl Eden16
Clare Everitt15
Sarah Harris10
Alison Goodwin9
Daniel Everitt8
Daniel Pelling8
Dionne Walford8
Luke Withers8
Mark Phillips8
Sara Hammett-Ridsdale8
Bryn Stuppell7
Danielle Pettiford7
Jamie Randall7
Kellie Garrod7
Peter Johnston7
Ross Arnold7
Stacey Anne Hall7
Tracy Quarrell7
Karen Martin6
Alison Smith5
Christine Taylor 5
Clair Gale5
Dave Percy 5
Jemma Benson5
Lisa Harling5
Lisa Haworth5
Rhiannon Beal5
Robert Wigmore5
Tony Gooding5
Tracey Lane 5
Alison Clark4
Annette Hall4
Becca Sims4
Joanne Rosenwold4
Karina Hunt4
Keeley White4
Kevin Barker4
Kirsty Millard4
Laura Hall4
Lee Taylor4
Melissa Wasdall4
Paul Murkin4
Peter Miller4
Sarah Camfield4
Simon Wallis4
Westley Walker4
Andrew Hammett-Ridsdale3
Carl Oldford3
Charlotte Denley3
Chris Burrows3
Denise Tarrant3
Emma Brown3
Graeme Johnston3
Kirsten Bagley3
Liam Connaughton3
Melanie Mansfield3
Michelle Gardner3
Naomi Shelmerdine3
Nicola King3
Polly Wells3
Sarah Murkin3
Ben Phillips2
Emma Williams2
Freddie Millard2
Gina Hickey2
Jo Vickery2
Kevin Millard2
Lee Brown 2
Louise Harris2
Mandy Wilson2
Michelle Seymour2
Natasha Smith2
Russel Docking2
Vanessa Hardy2
Adam Everitt1
Andy Brown1
Andy Quick1
Caitlin Hayward1
Char Green1
Charlie Hall1
Chris Wilson1
Claire Anderson1
Craig Ladley 1
Craig Sisson1
Danielle Hutton1
Denver Lloyd1
Dougie Millard1
Emma Moss1
Fran Williams1
George Noakes1
Ian Langland1
Jacqueline Hewitt1
James Hymas1
Jane Jamieson1
Jason Gale1
Justine Kingler1
Karen Iron1
Kathy Dew1
Kelly Hamed1
Kevin Jamieson1
Kirsty Jones1
Lee Anderson1
Lena More1
Lynnette Garstang1
Marc Benson1
Marion Goddard1
Mark White1
Pat Casey1
Peter Russell1
Rob Goodwin1
Sami Watson1
Sharon Borowy1
Steve Butler1
Suz Carter-White1
Teresa Franklin1
Terry Braverman1
Tracy Betts1
Trevor Bunch1
Trudy Brown1
Vashti MacDonald-Click1
Will Hartwell1