PB League 2020

PB League Rules

PB stands for Personal Best.

  • Only PB’s at the following distances count towards the PB League: 5K, 5 mile, 10K, 10 mile, Half-Marathon, 20 mile and Marathon.
  • A first attempt at a distance will not qualify as a PB for the league.
  • PB’s have to be set on an accurately measured course.
  • PB’s ran in a race, parkrun or club time-trial will qualify, as long as they are accurately measured. A PB set whilst out training will not count.
  • League started 01/01/2020 and will finish the Sunday before awards night (usually in November/December).
  • A PB is your best time ever for the set distance.
  • The person with the most PB’s at the end of the competition wins.
  • Second claim members PB’s will only qualify for this league if their PB was achieved in an event in which they represent Haverhill Running Club.

Updated 16/02/2020

Name “Personal Bests” so far this year
Brinn Spary 1
Emma McDougall 1
Josef Jacobs 1
Karen Iron 1
Kellie Garrod 1
Kelly Feeney 1
Kylie Mitchell 1
Sarah Harris 1
Shannon Farnham 1
Stephanie Ravn-Aagaard 1