Please note that the training programme for February to April 2020 now appears on the Official stuff and training page. (I’ve had issues with the training page which seems to have disappeared!)

Suffolk Winter League, Haughley Park, Stowmarket, Sunday 19 January

A big group of juniors took part on a very cold but sunny day. Here are some photos and results to follow.

Suffolk Winter League

Results for the the Woodbridge race are here.

Suffolk Cross Country Championships, Culford School, Sunday 5 January

Several juniors took part in the county’s annual championships. Full results here.

Peter: 26.58 (10th) over 5k in U17s

Ben: 16.21 (8th) over 4k in U5s

Tobin: 19.28 (20th) over 4k in U15s

Sorren: 21.22 (23rd) over 4k in U15s

Juliet: 22.1 (18th) over 4k in U15s

Emily: 27.05 (22nd) over 4k in U15s

Charlie M: 13.27 (16th) over 3k in U13s

Josh: 17.35 (40th) over 3k in U13s

Adam: 18.45 (41st) over 3k in U13s

Harry M: 8.50 (9th) over 2k in U11s

Tom: 8.54 (10th) over 2k in U11s

Cambs Cross Country Championships, St Neots, Sunday 5 January

Other juniors who live in Cambridgeshire took part in the annual championships. Full results are here.

George: 30.10 (22nd) over 5.8k in U17s

Benji: 20.58 (22nd) over 4.8k in U15s

Harry: 23.10 (32nd) over 4.8k in U15s

Sophie: 25.35 (12th) over 4.8k in U17s

Charlie N: 11.54 (27th) over 2.9k in U13s

Kate: 14.15 (22nd) over 2.9k in U13s

Training schedule February to April 2020

Over the winter we will meet at the leisure centre at 6.30pm – and return at 7.30pm.

14 January                   Hills

21 January                   600m reps

28 January                   Astro bleep test

4 February                   Hills (short and sharp)

11 February                 Strength and conditioning

18 February                 400m reps

25 February                 500m reps

3 March                       4k group run, Fartlek

10 March                     Hills (long and continuous)

17 March                     Strength and conditioning

24 March                     400m paired effort

31 March                     600m reps

7 April                         500m reps

14 April Hills (progression)

Over the summer months we will be training at Castle Manor.

21 April                       Strength and conditioning


Clare parkrun, Wednesday 1 January

A number of juniors took part in a special New Year’s Day parkrun in Clare. Here are the results.

Christmas celebrations, Tuesday 17 December

Following a shorter than normal training session on the astroturf, we ran up to the chippie on the hill and returned to the leisure centre for sausage and chips plus Christmas presents (beanie or gloves).

Suffolk Winter League, Woodbridge, Sunday 15 December

This was the second race in the series and several juniors took part. Not Benji though unfortunately as he was injured after a football match. The results are here.

Pre-Christmas training, Tuesday 10 December

Bryan was in charge while Sil is in Barbados visiting family and running a marathon. The hour started with a tough 10-minute run round half the astroturf pitch, followed by a 5-minute run in wellies, and to finish off a three-legged race in wellies. Ben won the 10-minute run with 13 laps, George won the welly race with three laps and Harry and Angus marched away in the three-legged race.

Suffolk Winter League

Results for the first Suffolk Winter League held at Framlingham on 3 November are now available.

Hadleigh Junior Fun Run, Sunday 17 November

Charlie M came first in the 2k fun run, winning his first piece of silverware.

Gorleston parkrun, Sunday 17 November

Adam took part in the junior parkrun (2k) and came fourth out of 53 runners.

Suffolk Winter League, Framlingham, Sunday 3 November

Several juniors took part in the first race of the county’s cross country league. So far we’ve just got some photos. Results are finally out on the Winter League website.

Ipswich Jaffa Juniors XC Relay race, Sunday 20 October

We had five teams racing in this cross country event and our juniors did brilliantly. For full results go to the Ipswich Jaffa website.

U13 Boys A team, 2k, 4th place (Tom 8:46, Charlie N 8:20 and Charlie M 8:06)
U13 Boys B team, 2k, 5th place (Josh 9:15, Adam 10:07 and Harry 8:46)
U15 Boys, 3k, 2nd place (Tobin 11:21, Benji 11:09 and Ben 10:43)
U15 Mixed, 3k, 3rd place (Emily 16:15, Juliet 14:20 and Ted 12:54)
U17 Boys, 3k, 1st place (Sorren 13:30, George 13:12 and Peter 11:43)

A14 Great Ouse Challenge (7k), Saturday 12 October

Peter took part in this one-off event before the opening of the new A14 north of Cambridge. He came 7th overall in a time of 30:06.

Abington 2k Fun Run, Sunday 6 October

Several juniors took part in this annual event, with Ben winning by more then two minutes. (I wrote this not realising that Ben had mistakenly taken a wrong turning so he ran a bit less than 2k – he would have still won!)

Ben 5:48

Tom 8:30

Sophie 8:44 (first girl)

Adam 9:56

Kate 9:57

HRC time trial (5k), Thursday 26 September

Four juniors took part in the regular 5k time trial (every month from now to the start of the Kevin Henry series in the spring).

Ben 18:16 PB

Peter 20:17

Sophie 23:05

Adam 31:05

Kevin Henry 5k, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, Thursday 5 September

Four juniors took part in the last race in the series. Some fantastic PBs.

Peter 20:21 PB

Sophie 22:38 PB

George 23:00 PB

Juliet 27:09

Kevin Henry 5k, Kedington, Thursday 1 August

Following the 2k race, a number of our juniors took part in the longer 5k race up the dreaded Cock Hill, along a false flat for far too far and then thankfully downhill into the village of Kedington. Tobin and Peter both made incredible times while Harry and Benji jogged along to collect points for the team.

Tobin 20:53

Peter 21:05

Benji and Harry 28:25

Kevin Henry 2k, Kedington, Friday 2 August

A number of our junior group, plus other young HRC members too young to train with us, took part in the 2k race held before the main Kevin Henry race. For the full results go to the HRC website.

1st Benji 6:55

2nd Harry 7:14

3rd Tobin 7:15

5th Charlie M 7:26

6th Sorren 8:07

7th Angus 8:09

1st girl Juliet 8:44

2nd girl Charlotte 8:58

17th Adam 9:31

And some photos from the award ceremony with HRC chair Karen Martin.

Ekiden relays, Woodbridge, Sunday 14 July

Four junior teams took part in this fabulous event attracting adults and juniors from all over the region. Our U12 boys came 3rd, the U12 mixed came 9th and the U11 boys came 7th. And Ben got the quickest time in his age group. For full results go to the Jaffa Ekiden website.

Under 12 boys

U12 mixed

U11 boys

Photos to come but plenty on the club’s Facebook page.

Kevin Henry 5k, Carver Barracks, Thursday 11 July

Seven of our juniors entered the fourth race in the series of six races. Some PBs in there for sure? (I know Peter got one as he told me.)

Benji 19:38

Peter 20:48 PB

Will 20:48

George 23:36

Sophie 23:49

Sorren 23:55

Juliet 24:40

Friday5 series

That was the last of the six events in the series and we had two runners on the podium: Ben was first in the U13s and Sophie 3rd in the U15s.

Ben with his ice cream and trophy

See Saturday’s racing results for Mott’s Field race on Saturday 6 July.

Friday5 series (2k), Great Bentley, Friday 5 July

A local race and a good turnout from our runners. Ben came first overall and not just first in his age group! Full results on the Friday5 series website.

Ben 6:52

Benji 7:22

Charlie M 7:42

Peter 7:40

Jed 8:07

Sorren 8:23

Sophie 9:20

Awards event, Route 66 Diner, Sunday 30 June

Such a fantastic and fun afternoon for our juniors and parents. Burgers, chips, sausages, drinks, quizzes, games (remember Henry?) and awards!

In case you’ve forgotten, the awards were as follows:

2k TT handicap – BEN 

Motts Field Male/Female – BENJI/CHARLOTTE 

XC Series – HARRY 

Best overall performances – BEN

Most improved – GEORGE 

Member’s member – SORREN

Coaches Choices Male/Female – SORREN and JULIET

Best sprinter – JED 

Best at warm up/cool down – SORREN 

Newcomer award – SOPHIE

Friday5 series (2k), Stowmarket, Friday 28 June

A total of 11 of our juniors raced in Stowmarket. Ben came third again overall but first in his age group (there is a pattern emerging!). For full results go to the Friday5 Series website.

Steeple Bumpstead 3k, Sunday 23 June

Another good turnout of juniors for this local race.

Ben 11:18 (1st), Jed 12:3 (3rd), Sophie 15:05 (1st), Angus15:41, Charlotte 16:24, Leonie 17:30. Results on Steeple Bumpstead website.

Friday5 series (2k), Bury, Friday 21 June

A huge group of juniors entered the second race in the series.

Ben 8:00, Benji 8:20, Tobin 8:25, Peter 8:40, Jed 9:11, George 9:16, Ted 9:27, Sorren 9:38, Charlie N 9:42, Sophie 10:25, Juliet 10:30, Adam 11:06, Charlotte 11:16 and Leonie 11:38. Full results on Friday5 series website.

Sil, Brian and the juniors at the County Cross Country Championships at Culford in January 2019

Ben receiving his third place trophy from Sil for the Suffolk Winter League series U13 boys.

Ben and Sil with trophy