Junior Section News

Young people in gym

Fun day at the Playground, Barrow, Sunday 18 July

Sunshine, heat and a series of severely difficult obstacles. The juniors loved it – and so did some parents.

We also handed out some awards (more difficult than in 2019 when the juniors had entered some races!):

Members’ member: Charlie M

Virtual 100% effort: Juliet

Most improved boy: Charlie M

Most improved girl: Emily

Coaches’ choices: Josh and Erin

Virtual individual effort: Benji

In recognition of dedication, commitment and hard work: Ben

5km time trial, Thursday 24 June

Several juniors took part in the monthly time trial, with two of them taking first and second place (Ben and Charlie).Here are some photos. For the results go to the club’s Facebook site.

100 per cent challenge

The return to schools on Monday 8 March brings an end to our seven challenges. During this period we have also been keeping a record of daily efforts. A big applause goes to Juliet who has a clean sheet, posting a daily effort right up to the end. Juliet is also one of our original six members, always enthusiastic and hard-working at training.

Challenge 8 – 1 to 7 March

This week’s challenge saw another team event – experience versus speed (coaches and parents versus the juniors). And guess who won? Well it had to be the juniors! They totalled 240km to the adults’ 114km. Of particular note was Benji who ran more than 60km in the week.

Challenge 7 – 22 to 28 February

This week’s challenge offered a personal choice – to cycle, run or walk – each measured in minutes and not distance. Cycling and walking counted like for like: 60 minutes equalled 60 minutes. But for running the minutes counted double: 60 minutes equalled 120 minutes (as we are after all a running club).

In first position is the Running With The Wolves team (Adam, Juliet, Benji, Erin, Harry M and Rupert). Followed by While You Were Running (Sophie H-I, Charlie N, Ben, Harry H, William and Charlotte), who were trailing mid week! Not far behind are Jump The Nettles (Emily, Jed, Megan, Sophie R, Yasper and Angus). And bringing the teams home with some good efforts are Licensed To Run (Charlie M, Tobin, Josh, Deborah, Tom, George and Kate).

A big well done to ALL who participated, especially as it was hard-going after half term.

Challenge 6 – 8 to 14 February

This week you were asked to choose two activities from a wide choice. A 3k run counted for 3 points, a 5k run 5 points, a 3k walk 2 points, a 5k walk 4 points, a 15k bike ride 5 points and Sil’s circuits 4 points. In addition, DIY activities offered 2 points and could include school PE lessons, weight sessions, dance classes, Joe Wicks circuits etc. 

The results were counted individually and both Juliet and Benji scored 51 points. Well done to you two! Other high scorers were Megan with 31 points, Emily with 28 points and Charlie M with 30 points. 

Well done to everyone for participating, particularly those who were out in such cold conditions.

Challenge 5 – 1 to 7 February

This week’s challenge was for the whole club to run more miles than Saffron Striders (SS).

HRC ran 1,715.72 miles in total. That was divided by 241 members to equal 7.12 miles/member. SS ran 1,612.06 miles, divided by 201 members, making 8.02 miles/member. That makes SS the winners – but you could argue we won as we have so many more members!

The juniors contributed massively to the team effort, almost hitting Sil’s target, with over 15 members taking part. 

Challenge 4 – 25 to 31 January

This week’s challenge was a mix of four activities: running (max of 5km), club circuit, elevation gain while walking and DIY circuit. The club was split into two teams – the girls and the boys.

The girls managed to win the running, the walk elevation and the club circuit while the boys won the DIY circuit category. So 3 to 1 to the girls. Congratulations!

Some noteworthy performances in the running: Sophie H (16.7km), Kate (17km), Juliet (30km). Benji (35km), Charlie M (25km) and Sil (40km – showing off!). And for the DIY circuit: Sophie H (100), Wendy (100), Benji (120) and Angus (140). Well done to everybody for participating!

Challenge 3 – 18 to 24 January

This week’s challenge was a mix of running, walking and indoor circuits. For the running and walking only the time counted, with the walk’s time halved and the run’s time doubled.

A big congratulations to the winning team with Angus and Sophie H doing their thing. There were some fantastic individual efforts with Benji taking top spot.

So here are the results:

1st Been There Run There 1,733.23 minutes

2nd We Got the Runs 1,504.22 minutes

3rd Rainbow Dashers 1,469.22 minutes

4th Follow the Rainbow 1,155.69 minutes

5th Scrambled Legs 1,149.46 minutes

6th Easier Said Than Run 811.64 minutes

Elevation challenge 12 to 17 January

Bryan set a new challenge for this week – Everesting – running as far up Mount Everest as you can (348,400 feet – 8,849 metres). So it was hills, hills – walking or running up and down a hill.

And here are the results:

Follow the Run Bow (Emily Ben, Sophie R and Juliet) 2,075 feet

Rainbow dashers (Megan, Kate, Charlie M and Charlie N) 5,015 feet

We got the runs (Benji, Adam, Tom and Tobin) 3,553 feet

Easier said than done (George, William, Yasper and Harry M) 1,740 feet

Scrambled legs (Charlotte, Harry H – Bryan, John and Sophie H) 1,727 feet

Been there, run that (Sil, Angus, Debra/Jed, Erin) 5,015 feet

So, congratulations go to both Rainbow dashers and Been there, run that for their team efforts in what has been deemed a draw, both climbing over 5,000 feet! The Juniors with a total of 19,125 feet almost had Base Camp 2 on Everest in their sights at 21,300 feet.

Some highlights of the week were Juliet, Megan, Kate, Charlotte, Benji and Adam all able to contribute each day. Erin had the highest daily climb with 869 feet, nearly to the top of the Eiffel Tower and Megan climbed the highest over the course of the week at 2,448 feet, twice as high as the Empire State building.

Team challenge 4 to 10 January 2021

The whole club – seniors and juniors – was set the New Year challenge of walking or running as many miles as possible for seven days. Each day individual and team totals were added up. Here are the results from the junior teams.

Team Rainbow dashers: Megan, Kate, Charlie M and Charlie N with 117.01 miles.  

Team We got the runs: Benji, Adam, Tobin and Tom with 102.17 miles. 

Team Follow the run-bow: Emily, Juliet, Ben and Sophie R with 84.74 miles. 

Team Easier said than run: William, Yasper, Harry M and George N with 46.3 miles.  

There were also wonderful individual efforts and contributions to the senior teams from Sophie HI with 23.73 miles, Erin 21.72 miles, Deborah 13.9 miles, Charlotte 12.36 miles and Josh 10.95 miles.

Cross Country race, Haverhill Reservoir, Sunday 20 December

Nine tough juniors took part in a two-mile cross country event. It was sunny, mildish but very muddy. Well done to all of them and to Bryan, Sil and everyone else who helped on the day.

Here are the results:

Ben 11.45

Tobin 13.28

Charlie 13.38

Josh 13.57

Harry 15.30

Yasper 15.41

Kate 15.45

Tom 16.55

Erin 18.26

And here are the action photos.

And a rather sweet photo of a spectator.

Winter photo challenge

More photos of Charlie and Harry, this time on the Stour Valley Way. Who else has been running in mud? We need to hear from you.

The latest photos from Charlie and Harry!

Bryan has started something! A competition to find the funniest/muddiest photo this winter. Here are a few to get us started.

Our first entrant is Kate. I think we need the ‘after’ photo too.

Duathlon, Carver Barracks, Sunday 11 October

A group of juniors took part in a special event, a duathlon, involving running and cycling. Here are the results:

 Run 1 (2 miles)Bike (4 miles)Run 2 (1 mile)Total
Charlie M12:5914:077:4934:55
Sophie H14:4218:568:1741:55

Here they all are running!

And cycling!

Leaderboard update: week ending Friday 14 August

The virtual Ekiden relay

A number of our juniors took part in the Ekiden relay this year, a virtual one because of the virus. Here are some of them with their certificates.

Leaderboard update: week ending 19 July

Well done to everyone and in particular Benji and Sophie for achieving those distances.

Early July update

Training is now into its third week and we will be adding sessions on Thursday evenings from 9 July as the demand has been so high.

Meanwhile, our juniors have continued their own independent training. The Marathon Relay Challenge resulted in a total time of 3 hours 33 minutes for the ten runners (Adam, Emily, Kate, Charlie M, Ben, Harry, Jed, Juliet, Sorren and Benji).

Another highlight was Sophie claiming all three ‘leaderboard categories’ on Strava last week. Total distance: 42.3 miles, total time: 6 hours 19 minutes and total climbing: 2,909 feet.

Training restarts!

Brilliant news at last as training will restart on Tuesday 16 June. We will be at a different location: Puddlebrook Playing Fields, Cleves Road, Haverhill, CB9 8NJ. It’s the venue for the Haverhill Parkrun and on the map on the website we will be meeting where the green arrow is shown.

We will be running two groups from 6pm to 6.45pm and 7pm to 7.45pm. Numbers are limited so you will need to sign up each week – you’ll receive an email from Wendy. If you have any questions please email Wendy on Wendy.Aldhouse@apha.gov.uk.

Kevin Henry week 3

Here are the results from the third 5km, the virtual Kevin Henry race.  

Ben                 17.53 (second HRC runner)

Jed                  22.08   

Angus            24.28   

Juliet              27.10   

Harry H         28.05   

Adam             30.38   

Emily              35.32        

And here are the results of the 3km race for members under the age of 14 (and others who choose to do the shorter distance!).

Charlie M      12.32

Charlie N       13.13

Harry M        13.44

Kate               13.57

Tom                14.15

Hector            16.46

Sebastian      17.02

Charlotte      17.36

Apart from that, a big shoutout to Kate and Sophie who went out to do their hills session on the Roman Road. Benji still has his mojo, doing two speed sessions and four runs a week from 7 to 3km. Ted I hear has broken in his new running shoes, so I am watching this space! Jed is keeping busy with his football training, a cross country run of over 10km and some reps and a long run to finish the week.

And Sil is sure it was Charlie M who zoomed past her on a bike on Friday, a very hot day. 

More juniors in action (26 May)

Kate is still full of enthusiasm and has been keeping her mum company mixing 3km and 5km distances. And her sister Sophie is getting out too. Some photos of her in action below. (All you others, please do send Sil some photos.)

A drumroll for Jed please! He is really getting a handle on his training with three tough football training sessions and some running too – a 5.5 miler and a 6.3 miler! And not forgetting his fantastic 5km for the KH. 

Another pair that should be really proud of their hard work are Harry and Charlie M. They’ve done an unofficial 5km parkrun, a Tuesday speed session, 8km run from Harry and both cycling over the week. Big brother Charlie totalled a massive 125km on his bike.

Also taking to his bike is Adam, who did a 15 mile bike ride with his mum and has also been keeping his parents company on their long runs.

Juniors in action

Rupert has been running 10km as well as cross training with cycling and football skills. Emily and Charlotte have been doing very well keeping up with their running. A thumbs-up to Benji for keeping up with his running routine (I saw him between Hildersham and Linton on a very hot day – and looking strong!). Charlie N and Ted have been cycling too.

Kevin Henry week 2

It’s the second Virtual Kevin Henry week (Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 May) and it’s fantastic to see some of you are already off the mark. 

A big shoutout goes to Emily who has been very busy. Angus has also been out running and so have Charlie and Harry M. And many of you are keeping up with your exercises.

Kate has sent a photo of herself after her 3km run, which she did in 13.57.

More juniors in action

A big shoutout to Angus who has been cycling, circuit training and running. And also to Jed who has been training with his dad, doing hills, sprints and of course some footie exercises.

Brothers Harry and Charlie M have had another productive week. Charlie on Monday did a 21km cycle ride, on Tuesday a tough hill session, Thursday a 10km run, Friday a 30km cycle, Saturday the Clare Castle Parkrun plus a 30km ride, and Sunday a 50km cycle. He also ran 5km with Mo Farah on Zwift. Harry on Monday did a 10km run, Tuesday a tough hill session, Wednesday a 10km cycle ride and on Saturday the Clare Castle Parkrun. Wow! 

Juniors in action

A big shoutout to Kate, who has been sticking to the training plan and did a 4km last week (photo below). Sister Sophie is also doing really well and keeping up with her running. Out there doing his stuff with gusto is Benji – a good routine so well done! Brothers Charlie N and George have been on their bikes quite a bit this week and so has Ted. It is very pleasing to hear that another set of brothers are keeping up with their running – that’s Sorren and Dan doing 3km daily runs. Charlotte is doing really well with three 3km runs and a 5km walk this week.

Here’s Kate doing a 4km run on Wednesday 6 May. Kate’s been out regularly on the local roads (and hills), doing 3km in 14:20 last Thursday. Well done Kate!

Achievements in week 6

Charlotte is getting stronger with another 4km, while Adam is mixing it up with a 5km every other day with his dad. Matilda is chipping away at her 5km and is now getting into sub 27 minutes. Harry has been out and we have got wind that Jed has been out there too! Well done to Benji who clocked an amazing 30 miles last week!

Our second anniversary!

HRC Junior Section celebrates its second anniversary on Friday 1st May. Congratulations to all involved in making HRC Juniors such a success. The whole club is very proud of you!

As part of our anniversary celebrations we asked members to choose a time trial distance and send us their times. Well done to everyone who took part.

Charlie N5km18.48
Charlie M5km19.19
Harry M3km12.56
Emily 3km20.16

Juniors in action

Quite a few of you are doing a time trial distance. Emily and William both picked 5km. It’s great to see her attempt a 5km again and William posted an absolutely fantastic time. Results of all the time trials will be here after this Thursday.

Charlotte, who is recovering from knee surgery, did her first run this week – 4km. Very wisely she’s taking it slowly, doing a workout every other day and a run inbetween. And here she is!

Ben and Rupert pick up the HRC flame

Ben picked up the flame on Monday 27 April. He ran 7.09 miles in 45.07 minutes. I’m not quite sure where he picked it up from but he ran from Great Thurlow to somewhere near the prison and then to Little Thurlow. Anyway, the photos are below.

Rupert also ran a leg from Linton to pick it up in Hadstock and then dropped it at Hildersham. Rupert didn’t stop there – he did a 10km time trial and absolutely smashed it. Fantastic effort!

Achievements w/c 20 April

As part of the Kevin Henry weekend, Kate ran a 3km PB of 13.57 and Benji ran a 5km PB of 18.02. Sophie has also been doing really well with an 11km run, her longest. Yasper, when he is not on his roller skates, is doing 5km, alternating with trampolining. William is also cross-training, moving up to 10km runs and Krav Maga, a form of self-defence.

Ted is running as well as cycling, as is Charlie N. 

Time trial

Next Thursday 30 April is the club’s 3km or 5km time trial. You can run your choice of distance anytime in the week and let Sil know by Thursday evening.

Two-year anniversary

As a team, we are celebrating our two-year anniversary on 1 May 2020. It will be our day on the website so please send a photo to Sil, ideally wearing your Haverhill running vest. Also please write a short quote about the HRC junior club. Email both to Sil at mummyread@aol.com by next Thursday 30 April.

Juniors in action including Kevin Henry weekend 1

Benji is the first junior to run a leg of the HRC torch relay from Castle Camps to Bartlow. See below for photo and short report.

Then there was the Kevin Henry 5km challenge over the weekend. Ben showed us what he has been up to, coming first overall with a fantastic 18.07. That was followed by Juliet – she ran 26.37 at this time last year but timed in with 25.04. Angus also clocked 26.42 (see photos below).

Adam was also out there with a good effort of 28.34 and he is also keeping up with his speed training with his dad.

In the 3km Kevin Henry challenger for juniors under 14 years, we had four runners. Charlie M and brother Harry, who I think have been eating some serious Weetabix and all the pasta I can’t find in the shops, clocked 11.29 and 13.25 respectively. Tom posted 15.51 and Seb G 17.02.

Away from the Kevin Henry, a big shout out to Charlotte who has run her first 2km since her knee surgery and is keeping up with her exercises. Josh is also getting out, two runs and a bike ride. Kate and Sophie have been out running and cycling. And Kate tells me she has been keeping up with the training plan and worn out her skipping rope. Angus and his brother Hector have been running, walking and cycling clocking up 27 miles in the week and also doing a mini circuit in their garden.

Charlie M completed 49km cycle, 10km hilly tempo run, 6 x 1km reps and a 10km easy run. And Harry M did 7km cycle, 5km hilly tempo run, 5 x 1km reps and an 8km easy run!

Rupert is missing his kayaking but is out there clocking up some mileage with his mum and brother and keeping up with their pace. And finally, Yasper is now running 5km every other day (building up pace, then he is going to build up distance), with at least 5km rollerskating and trampolining on the days inbetween.

Kevin Henry weekend 1, 18 and 19 April

Angus and his younger brother Hector did the 5km time trial route. Here are the before and after photos.

Benji picks up the HRC flame

Benji collected the HRC flame from Castle Camps and ran with it to Bartlow, just under 6km. He dropped it off but didn’t stop there. He then ran back to Linton via Hadstock, a total of 13km in 52 minutes 38 seconds. His furthest distance yet!

Achievements after Easter!

Matilda has been running 5km three times a week. Angus and his younger brother have stepped up and are out running together, keeping each other company. Charlie N has been out covering a few miles on his bike.

Achievements over Easter

Juliet has a good routine going, doing two miles daily, some serious speed training sessions and some Joe Wicks thrown in! A few of you are also joining Joe Wicks which is fantastic for your running, overall fitness and well-being. Sorren has also maintained his 2.5km morning run. And a big shout out to Benji who covered 20 miles last week.

Juniors in action

More achievements just before Easter

Harry posted his longest run – 14.7km (missing football!) and has been conditioning and strengthening in the garden and running with his mum. Adam is keeping it in the family too and has been on a 4 mile cross country run and done some road running with his dad. Benji has been really disciplined with his training. It is paying off as he ran his first ever 10km in 40 minutes 57 seconds – a fantastic achievement. Charlie N not to be left out recorded 5km in 19 minutes 25 seconds. 

Charlie M’s week has been a busy one, doing a 10km PB in 45 minutes 25 seconds, fartleks, as well as cross country running with a 60km bike ride on a turbo trainer. His brother Harry did 5km and hills with his dad.

A shout out too to Emily who is balancing her running and swimming plan. And well done to Kate who has been running and skipping (see photos below). And not forgetting Ben who has busy clocking up the miles.

Juniors in action

Charlotte doing some exercises following surgery (in her knee I think)

Achievements in week 3 of CV

William has already got himself sorted with a 5km run daily before breakfast. Sophie HI has joined the skipping challenge as well as general running. Rupert is doing his agility, strength and conditioning sessions plus running. Yasper is roller-skating, trampolining and doing daily family exercises. Ted is cross country running across fields as well as cycling. Sophie R has been out running including a fantastic 10km effort! Josh has been exercising little and often.

The GREAT Haverhill Olympic Torch Relay

Sil has come up with the idea of a torch relay and has been the first relay runner taking the torch from her home in Ridgewell to Clare. Follow the torch on the club’s Facebook page as it moves round the area. Sil is encouraging juniors to take part too – as long as you (and your parents) follow government guidance by not travelling specially to pick the torch up in the car, not exceeding your daily quota of exercise, etc. Look out for an email from Sil to explain how to get involved.

Juniors in action

Harry M and Charlie M doing intervals and then Charlie out on his bike.

I have a video of Benji with his parachute but it’s not uploading. I’ll try to find out why not!

And here’s Sil doing 159 skips without stopping. She managed 73 on her first attempt last week so is improving very fast!

Achievements in week 2 of CV

Sil is drawing up a table to keep up with the skipping challenge achievements so please keep sending her your times. If any of you want to add to it we can do a weekly challenge – please send Sil your suggestions.

Charlie M who was training for a triathlon in June has not given up. Last week he ran a 5km and went for a 22km bike ride, but where to practise swimming is proving a little tricky! But he has stepped in with the skipping challenge which is really good cardio and has been joined by his brother Harry. Charlie N is doing really well with the skipping challenge and has also clocked in another fantastic 5km. Ben managed to run a total of 22km by last Friday and is still going strong. Fantastic that Tobin and Erin are joining in with their dad’s PT on YouTube among other things. Benji has been busy with his reps clocking in 7km on just one day. And Isla managed to run a mile nursing an injury. Ted has been taking his dog out and that counts! Go out in trainers just in case you fancy a run. 

Do send any photos direct to me at welfare@haverhillrunningclub.com

Achievements in week 1 of CV

Kate has set the bar at 80 skips in 1 minute 16 seconds. I hear there are a few doing this so let’s have times please! Charlie N has posted 18.55 for 5km. Harry was spotted in Linton doing his reps. Sorren is out for a run most mornings and well done for getting his brother out too! For something different as well as running, Benji has found a new way of building strength running with a parachute. Juliet is running, skipping and hula hooping. Emily has been out as well, as has Isla though her knee is still painful.

As for the coaches, I’ve taken up hula hooping (Suzanne that is). I watched this video on YouTube, and after two days I’m up to about 12/15 turns. You need technique of course (getting there) and as big a hoop as possible (thinking about ordering a bigger one).

Do send us your achievements and photos.

Coronavirus stops all HRC activities, including our sessions with juniors

The club has followed England Athletics guidance today (Tuesday 17 March) and ALL club activities will be suspended until further notice. We are so sorry that this affects our new intake of runners, due to start this evening.

See our Training page for our suggestion for home training during this period.

Suffolk Winter League – some results

Here are two sets of results from the third and fourth races:

Pakenham race, Bury, Sunday 1 March

Woodton race, Bungay, Sunday 8 March

The last race in the series is our very own on Sunday 29 March at Castle Manor Academy, Eastern Avenue (CB9 9JE). Just read that this has now been cancelled.

Milton Keynes Festival of Running, Sunday 15 March

Charlie M came 16th out 354 in the 5km race. He did it in a fantastic time of 20.07, making him the first in the U13 age category. Here are the results.

English Schools Cross Country Championships, Liverpool, Saturday 14 March

Ben took part in the junior boys event representing Cambridgeshire. He finished 76th out of 334 boys in a time of 15.52 for 4.4k. First boy home for Cambs. Full results are here.

Suffolk Winter League, Woodton, Sunday 8 March

The fifth race of the series was a muddy and cold one. Here’s Charlie M and the results from his U13 race are here.

UK Inter Counties Cross Country Championships,  Loughborough, Saturday 7 March

Ben represented Suffolk in this national event. More details and results to follow – just a photo for now.

Suffolk Winter League, Pakenham, Sunday 1 March

A brave group of juniors took part in the fourth race of the series. Here’s a photo of them warming up in the cold. Results are out now here.

Southern Cross Country Championships, London, Saturday 25 January

Ben ran at Parliament Hill and came 88th out of 317 under 15 boys, with a time of 16:14 for 4.5k.

Please note that the training programme for February to April 2020 now appears on the Official stuff and training page. (I’ve had issues with the training page which seems to have disappeared!)

Suffolk Winter League, Haughley Park, Stowmarket, Sunday 19 January

A big group of juniors took part on a very cold but sunny day. Here are some photos and the results are here.

Suffolk Winter League

Results for the the Woodbridge race are here.

Suffolk Cross Country Championships, Culford School, Sunday 5 January

Several juniors took part in the county’s annual championships. Full results here.

Peter: 26.58 (10th) over 5k in U17s

Ben: 16.21 (8th) over 4k in U5s

Tobin: 19.28 (20th) over 4k in U15s

Sorren: 21.22 (23rd) over 4k in U15s

Juliet: 22.1 (18th) over 4k in U15s

Emily: 27.05 (22nd) over 4k in U15s

Charlie M: 13.27 (16th) over 3k in U13s

Josh: 17.35 (40th) over 3k in U13s

Adam: 18.45 (41st) over 3k in U13s

Harry M: 8.50 (9th) over 2k in U11s

Tom: 8.54 (10th) over 2k in U11s

Cambs Cross Country Championships, St Neots, Sunday 5 January

Other juniors who live in Cambridgeshire took part in the annual championships. Full results are here.

George: 30.10 (22nd) over 5.8k in U17s

Benji: 20.58 (22nd) over 4.8k in U15s

Harry: 23.10 (32nd) over 4.8k in U15s

Sophie: 25.35 (12th) over 4.8k in U17s

Charlie N: 11.54 (27th) over 2.9k in U13s

Kate: 14.15 (22nd) over 2.9k in U13s

Training schedule February to April 2020

Over the winter we will meet at the leisure centre at 6.30pm – and return at 7.30pm.

14 January                   Hills

21 January                   600m reps

28 January                   Astro bleep test

4 February                   Hills (short and sharp)

11 February                 Strength and conditioning

18 February                 400m reps

25 February                 500m reps

3 March                       4k group run, Fartlek

10 March                     Hills (long and continuous)

17 March                     Strength and conditioning

24 March                     400m paired effort

31 March                     600m reps

7 April                         500m reps

14 April Hills (progression)

Over the summer months we will be training at Castle Manor.

21 April                       Strength and conditioning


Clare parkrun, Wednesday 1 January

A number of juniors took part in a special New Year’s Day parkrun in Clare. Here are the results.

Christmas celebrations, Tuesday 17 December

Following a shorter than normal training session on the astroturf, we ran up to the chippie on the hill and returned to the leisure centre for sausage and chips plus Christmas presents (beanie or gloves).

Suffolk Winter League, Woodbridge, Sunday 15 December

This was the second race in the series and several juniors took part. Not Benji though unfortunately as he was injured after a football match. The results are here.

Pre-Christmas training, Tuesday 10 December

Bryan was in charge while Sil is in Barbados visiting family and running a marathon. The hour started with a tough 10-minute run round half the astroturf pitch, followed by a 5-minute run in wellies, and to finish off a three-legged race in wellies. Ben won the 10-minute run with 13 laps, George won the welly race with three laps and Harry and Angus marched away in the three-legged race.

Suffolk Winter League

Results for the first Suffolk Winter League held at Framlingham on 3 November are now available.

Hadleigh Junior Fun Run, Sunday 17 November

Charlie M came first in the 2k fun run, winning his first piece of silverware.

Gorleston parkrun, Sunday 17 November

Adam took part in the junior parkrun (2k) and came fourth out of 53 runners.

Suffolk Winter League, Framlingham, Sunday 3 November

Several juniors took part in the first race of the county’s cross country league. So far we’ve just got some photos. Results are finally out on the Winter League website.

Ipswich Jaffa Juniors XC Relay race, Sunday 20 October

We had five teams racing in this cross country event and our juniors did brilliantly. For full results go to the Ipswich Jaffa website.

U13 Boys A team, 2k, 4th place (Tom 8:46, Charlie N 8:20 and Charlie M 8:06)
U13 Boys B team, 2k, 5th place (Josh 9:15, Adam 10:07 and Harry 8:46)
U15 Boys, 3k, 2nd place (Tobin 11:21, Benji 11:09 and Ben 10:43)
U15 Mixed, 3k, 3rd place (Emily 16:15, Juliet 14:20 and Ted 12:54)
U17 Boys, 3k, 1st place (Sorren 13:30, George 13:12 and Peter 11:43)

A14 Great Ouse Challenge (7k), Saturday 12 October

Peter took part in this one-off event before the opening of the new A14 north of Cambridge. He came 7th overall in a time of 30:06.

Abington 2k Fun Run, Sunday 6 October

Several juniors took part in this annual event, with Ben winning by more then two minutes. (I wrote this not realising that Ben had mistakenly taken a wrong turning so he ran a bit less than 2k – he would have still won!)

Ben 5:48

Tom 8:30

Sophie 8:44 (first girl)

Adam 9:56

Kate 9:57

HRC time trial (5k), Thursday 26 September

Four juniors took part in the regular 5k time trial (every month from now to the start of the Kevin Henry series in the spring).

Ben 18:16 PB

Peter 20:17

Sophie 23:05

Adam 31:05

Kevin Henry 5k, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, Thursday 5 September

Four juniors took part in the last race in the series. Some fantastic PBs.

Peter 20:21 PB

Sophie 22:38 PB

George 23:00 PB

Juliet 27:09

Kevin Henry 5k, Kedington, Thursday 1 August

Following the 2k race, a number of our juniors took part in the longer 5k race up the dreaded Cock Hill, along a false flat for far too far and then thankfully downhill into the village of Kedington. Tobin and Peter both made incredible times while Harry and Benji jogged along to collect points for the team.

Tobin 20:53

Peter 21:05

Benji and Harry 28:25

Kevin Henry 2k, Kedington, Friday 2 August

A number of our junior group, plus other young HRC members too young to train with us, took part in the 2k race held before the main Kevin Henry race. For the full results go to the HRC website.

1st Benji 6:55

2nd Harry 7:14

3rd Tobin 7:15

5th Charlie M 7:26

6th Sorren 8:07

7th Angus 8:09

1st girl Juliet 8:44

2nd girl Charlotte 8:58

17th Adam 9:31

And some photos from the award ceremony with HRC chair Karen Martin.

Ekiden relays, Woodbridge, Sunday 14 July

Four junior teams took part in this fabulous event attracting adults and juniors from all over the region. Our U12 boys came 3rd, the U12 mixed came 9th and the U11 boys came 7th. And Ben got the quickest time in his age group. For full results go to the Jaffa Ekiden website.

Under 12 boys

U12 mixed

U11 boys

Photos to come but plenty on the club’s Facebook page.

Kevin Henry 5k, Carver Barracks, Thursday 11 July

Seven of our juniors entered the fourth race in the series of six races. Some PBs in there for sure? (I know Peter got one as he told me.)

Benji 19:38

Peter 20:48 PB

Will 20:48

George 23:36

Sophie 23:49

Sorren 23:55

Juliet 24:40

Friday5 series

That was the last of the six events in the series and we had two runners on the podium: Ben was first in the U13s and Sophie 3rd in the U15s.

Ben with his ice cream and trophy

See Saturday’s racing results for Mott’s Field race on Saturday 6 July.

Friday5 series (2k), Great Bentley, Friday 5 July

A local race and a good turnout from our runners. Ben came first overall and not just first in his age group! Full results on the Friday5 series website.

Ben 6:52

Benji 7:22

Charlie M 7:42

Peter 7:40

Jed 8:07

Sorren 8:23

Sophie 9:20

Awards event, Route 66 Diner, Sunday 30 June

Such a fantastic and fun afternoon for our juniors and parents. Burgers, chips, sausages, drinks, quizzes, games (remember Henry?) and awards!

In case you’ve forgotten, the awards were as follows:

2k TT handicap – BEN 

Motts Field Male/Female – BENJI/CHARLOTTE 

XC Series – HARRY 

Best overall performances – BEN

Most improved – GEORGE 

Member’s member – SORREN

Coaches Choices Male/Female – SORREN and JULIET

Best sprinter – JED 

Best at warm up/cool down – SORREN 

Newcomer award – SOPHIE

Friday5 series (2k), Stowmarket, Friday 28 June

A total of 11 of our juniors raced in Stowmarket. Ben came third again overall but first in his age group (there is a pattern emerging!). For full results go to the Friday5 Series website.

Steeple Bumpstead 3k, Sunday 23 June

Another good turnout of juniors for this local race.

Ben 11:18 (1st), Jed 12:3 (3rd), Sophie 15:05 (1st), Angus15:41, Charlotte 16:24, Leonie 17:30. Results on Steeple Bumpstead website.

Friday5 series (2k), Bury, Friday 21 June

A huge group of juniors entered the second race in the series.

Ben 8:00, Benji 8:20, Tobin 8:25, Peter 8:40, Jed 9:11, George 9:16, Ted 9:27, Sorren 9:38, Charlie N 9:42, Sophie 10:25, Juliet 10:30, Adam 11:06, Charlotte 11:16 and Leonie 11:38. Full results on Friday5 series website.

Sil, Brian and the juniors at the County Cross Country Championships at Culford in January 2019

Ben receiving his third place trophy from Sil for the Suffolk Winter League series U13 boys.

Ben and Sil with trophy