Results 2021

Club members competing in any race on our fixture list will see their results automatically recorded, unless they request otherwise. Please ensure you enter as an HRC affiliated runner so your result will be picked up.

If you have any results from other races that you would like recorded, please use the link below to notify us. You can also use this form to advise of any incorrect PB recording.


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
5th AprilArdingly 5KSam Boreham 00:15:499PB
28th AprilSnetterton 5K Westley Walker00:19:0244
Anna O’Hare00:19:0945
28th AprilSnetterton 10KIan Elden00:38:5954


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
12th MayOlympic Park “Chase the Sun” 10kIan Elden 00:39.3432 (2nd V45)
16th MayColchester Stampede 10KSam Boreham00:33:592ndPB
Andy Gage00:51:28359PB
Kelly Walton00:58:37711PB
Lisa Bruton00:59:21744
Jan Walker01:08:571146PB
Gemma Evans01:31:21933
16th MayMonkey Meander 10KFran Williams01:14:511st Age Cat


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
5th JuneSouth Cambridgeshire MarathonMat Cowell03:42:0110 (9th Male)
South Cambridgeshire Half MarathonFiona Tideswell01:36:3015th (2nd Female)
6th JuneStour Valley MarathonShirley Fowler05:18:0432
Polly Wells05:57:2960
Stour Valley Half MarathonJames Briggs02:45:4526
Helen Spooner02:46:0227
13th JunePeterborough Midsummer 10kKathryn Armour00:58:54PB
19th JuneThe Wall 2021Carl Oldford16:31:30
20th JuneThetford Trails Half MarathonRhiannon Marie02:15:03
Flaming June 10kSimon Wallis00:45:1118
Sandringham Half MarathonJoaquim Monteiro02:23:03
Jan Walker02:32:24
26th JuneBarrow MarathonSteve Oglesby04:24:28
Shirley Fowler04:41:06
27th JuneThurlow 5MTony Bacon 00:30:314
Mathew Cowell00:34:4910 (2nd MV45)
Ian Elden00:34:5211 (3rd MV45)
Ben Phillips00:37:5518
Mark Phillips00:40:0327
Jamie Randall00:41:0029
Rhiannon Beal00:45:0541
Toby Wilson Waterworth00:46:3148
Kelly Walton00:48:2756
Kevin Barker00:46:4658
Brigette Heard 00:48:4959
Andrew Hammett-Ridsdale 00:49:1461
Alison Smith 00:50:0666
Jacqueline Hewitt00:50:3967
Lisa Bruton00:50:5270
Graeme Johnston00:51:0071
Amy Greville00:51:3774
Yusuf Firat00:54:1184
Dionne Walford00:54:3385
Peter Russell00:54:4887
Sarah Harris00:54:4888
Katie Barker00:55:3189
Melissa Wasdall00:59:4092
Lynnette Garstang01:00:3483
Jan Walker01:01:1095
Mandy Wilson01:01:2896
27th June Thurlow 10 Steve Mason01:01:215 (3rd MS)
Glenn Furish01:17:5449PB
Tracy Quarrell01:25:3486 (2nd FV45)
Kevin Jamieson01:26:4490
Wayne Maund01:27:1594
Sara Hammett-Risdale01:28:0385 (3rd FV45)
Josef Jacobs01:28:1296
Melanie Catten01:30:32101
Charlotte Westrope01:33:10107
Hayley Wilson01:36:40116
Helen Spooner01:40:26122
Sarah Murkin01:42:40126
Natasha Smith01:44:22127
Clair Nagorski01:47:26130
Wendy Giddins01:50:47136
27th JuneOrwell Ultra Marathon (32 miles)Sil Clay08:10:1520
Shirley Fowler08:10:2121


DateEventNameGun timeChip TimePositionPB
18th JulyFelsted 10KTony Bacon00:37:4700:37:4411
Bryan Rootes00:46:0600:45:2872
Yusuf Firat00:52:2500:50:21120
22nd JulyClacton 10KShirley Fowler00:49:5300:59:3239 (1st FV55)
Brigitte Heard00:58:1100:57:4898 (3rd FV55)
Jacqueline Hewitt01:02:5401:02:31145
Jan Walker01:19:4201:19:12209
Alison Smith01:19:4801:19:17210
Suz Carter-White01:20:0101:19:31212
Clacton HMGlenn Fruish01:45:3401:45:1474
31st JulyLee Valley VeloPark 10KIan Elden00:44:587 (1st MV45)


DateEventNameGun timeChip TimePositionPB
1st AugustLondon Landmarks Half MarathonKelly Walton02:11:11
Charlotte Denley02:20:58
Daniel Everitt02:20:58
Sarah Murkin02:20:59
Kelly Feeney02:22:50
Lisa Harling02:24:20
Stacey Hall02:24:20
Kevin Barker02:27:21
Katie Barker02:27:21
Natasha Smith02:28:14
Caitlin Hayward02:29:40
Dionne Walford02:29:46
Wendy Giddins02:35:37
Lynette Garstang02:59:47
Louise Harris03:22:31
14th AugustSVP 50Chris Hawkins06:18:1144
David Edwards06:36:4854
Andrew Gage07:00:0479
28th AugustLee Valley Velo Park 10KIan Elden00:44:0100:43:589 (1st MV45)
29th AugustAntrim Coast Half MarathonSam Boreham01:13:4401:13:37PB


DateEventNameGun timeChip TimePositionPB
4th SeptemberBedford 5KAlison Smith00:40:45336
Suz Carter-White00:41:02343
Bedford 10KSuz Carter- White 01:22:59623
5th SeptemberWissey HMYusuf Firat01:54:4301:54:10154
12th SeptemberBrighton MarathonWestley Walker03:52:171087
Horace Shuriah06:31:417007
26th SeptemberShelford 5KTony Bacon00:18:3000:18:2815
James Minnette00:18:4700:18:5025
Kristina Bright01:00:2901:00:29280
26th SeptemberBerlin MarathonShirley Fowler05:17:302657
Michelle Brazier Gardner06:36:215138


DateEventNameGun timeChip TimePositionPB
2nd OctoberBarrow MarathonShirley Fowler04:17:46
3rd OctoberFlower Of Suffolk MarathonShirley Fowler06:16:00
Sil Clay06:16:00
3rd OctoberLondon MarathonAndy Quick03:01:362281
Fiona Tideswell03:21:004474
Stephen Husband03:50:1510012
Rhiannon Beal04:34:3420287
Stacey Ann Hall04:51:0123865
Lisa Harling05:03:1326323
Michelle Gardner05:05:1526638
Clair Nagorski05:07:1126898
Kelly Feeney05:07:1126920
Fran Williams05:23:4229278
Marion Goddard06:30:5634467
3rd OctoberAbington 10KSam Boreham00:33:471
Mathew Cowell00:42:3314 (2nd MV40)
Lee Brown00:44:5124
Daniel Everitt00:48:4544
Stephen Reyes00:51:0762
Neil Darracott00:52:4770
Yusuf Firat00:55:1479
Kathryn Armour00:56:1087
Hayley Wilson00:56:4093
Grace Judge00:56:4594
Kevin Jamieson00:56:4695
Clare Everitt00:56:5397
Graeme Johnston00:57:0199
Sarah Ross00:57:39100
Sarah Murkin00:58:59104
Lisa Bruton01:00:59109
Carl Oldford01:01:00110
Keeley White01:02:42115
Lisa Haworth01:03:14117
Alison Goodwin01:04:17121
Melissa Wasdall01:12:36130
Cheryl Eden01:21:50134
Sally Johnston01:22:13135
3rd OctoberChippenham Park 10kGlenn Fruish00:47:14
Christine Taylor00:57:57
Helen Spooner01:03:27
Hundon MarathonChris Hawkins04:24:24
3rd OctoberChelmsford HMPat Casey02:04:02
11th OctoerChicago MarathonRob Wise05:23:5119678
16th OctoberCambridge Town and gown 10KJames Minnette00:38:4234
Kristina Bright01:01:37649
Dionee Walford01:06:44774
Lynnette Garstang01:15:50905
17th OctoberCambridge HMSteve Mason01:16:5047PB
Lee Anderson01:32:46735
Fiona Tideswell01:32:51743
Susannah Covey01:42:511921
Glenn Fruish01:44:052129
James Stubbs01:45:052435
Jack Tapin01:51:553429
Wayne Maund01:52:013444
Daniel Everitt01:53:313726PB
Cheryl Trundle01:54:493979
Marc Benson01:55:454159
Mary-Ann Tuli01:55:464160
Simon Wallis01:57:134425
Andy Gage02:04:575749
Kathryn Armour02:05:245819PB
Kelly Walton02:06:085924
Denise Tarrant02:06:115934
Grace Judge02:07:426140
Sarah Camfield02:08:456271
Josef Jacobs02:08:506288
Stacey Hall02:12:356782
Lisa Harling02:12:366787
Hayley Wilson02:13:156857
Lisa Bruton02:14:537044
Danielle Pettiford02:15:127087
Tracy Lane02:15:557186
Natasha Smith02:17:137312
Amy Greville02:17:407352
Kelly Feeney02:17:537379PB
Rachel Darvill02:23:147874
Lee Taylor02:24:167958
Alison Smith02:24:357987
Kristina Bright02:31:328465
Jim Mears02:31:588493
Victoria Gage02:33:428585
Wendy Giddins02:33:438586
Caitlin Hayward02:34:088612
James Cutting02:38:008787
Stephanie Ravn-Aagaard02:39:298843
Sandra Hiscox02:39:468861
Rhiannon Jones02:39:568869
Nigel Fitch02:42:388958
Emma Stevenson02:42:398961
Jan Walker02:43:518993
Suz Carter-Wright02:44:169011PB
Melissa Wasdall02:44:209012
Louise Harris02:56:169234
Victoria Bennett02:56:209236
Christian De Angelo03:26:459380
17th October Chelmsford MarathonDavid Percy03:39:07151
Daniel Pelling03:45:52177
Yusuf Firat03:53:28215
Steven Oglesby04:05:03281PB
Tracy Quarrell04:20:58341PB
Carl Oldford04:20:57342
17th October Great South Run 10MNicola King02:03:029915
17th October Barrow – Golding HillsShirley Fowler04:22:5610
17th OctoberBedford Autodrome 20MTony Bacon02:31:458PB
23rd OctoberBeachy Head MarathonYusuf Firat04:23:37330
Simon Wallis05:20:26942
31st October Stort 30Steve Morris05:17:00
31st OctoberBury St. Edmunds MarathonShirley Fowler04:14:2729
Andy Gage04:41:2437
31st OctoberBury St. Edmunds HMCharlotte Denley02:07:25100
Christine Taylor02:07:28101
Jacqueline Hewitt02:20:55130
Joaquim Monteiro02:21:29131
31st OctoberBury St. Edmunds 10KLee Brown00:45:0026
Thomas Hearn00:48:3753
Rhiannon Beal00:53:0090
Kevin Jamieson00:55:24112
Christopher Hall00:55:32113
Grace Judge00:58:19137
Kelly Walton00:58:36140PB
Lisa Harling00:58:47142
Kristina Bright00:59:37151
Kevin Barker00:59:45153PB
Lee Taylor00:59:52154
Kelly Feeney01:07:15197
Richard Burford01:07:20198
Dave Greenham01:11:35214
Alison Smith01:15:58219
Suz Carter-White01:16:12222


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