Results 2021

Club members competing in any race on our fixture list will see their results automatically recorded, unless they request otherwise. Please ensure you enter as an HRC affiliated runner so your result will be picked up.

If you have any results from other races that you would like recorded, please use the link below to notify us. You can also use this form to advise of any incorrect PB recording.


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
5th AprilArdingly 5KSam Boreham 00:15:499PB
28th AprilSnetterton 5K Westley Walker00:19:0244
Anna O’Hare00:19:0945
28th AprilSnetterton 10KIan Elden00:38:5954


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
12th MayOlympic Park “Chase the Sun” 10kIan Elden 00:39.3432 (2nd V45)
16th MayColchester Stampede 10KSam Boreham00:33:592ndPB
Andy Gage00:51:28359PB
Kelly Walton00:58:37711PB
Lisa Bruton00:59:21744
Jan Walker01:08:571146PB
Gemma Evans01:31:21933
16th MayMonkey Meander 10KFran Williams01:14:511st Age Cat


DateEventNameGun TimeChip TimePositionPB
6th JuneStour Valley MarathonShirley Fowler05:18:0432
Polly Wells05:57:2960
Stour Valley Half MarathonJames Briggs02:45:4526
Helen Spooner02:46:0227
26th JuneBarrow MarathonSteve Oglesby04:24:28
Shirley Fowler04:41:06
27th JuneThurlow 5MTony Bacon 00:30:314
Mathew Cowell00:34:4910 (2nd NV45)
Ian Elden00:34:5211 (3rd MV45)
Ben Phillips00:37:5518
Mark Phillips00:40:0327
Jamie Randall00:41:0029
Rhiannon Beal00:45:0541
Toby Wilson Waterworth00:46:3148
Kelly Walton00:48:2756
Kevin Barker00:46:4658
Brigette Heard 00:48:4959
Andrew Hammett-Ridsdale 00:49:1461
Alison Smith 00:50:0666
Jacqueline Hewitt00:50:3967
Lisa Bruton00:50:5270
Graeme Johnston00:51:0071
Amy Greville00:51:3774
Yusuf Firat00:54:1184
Dionne Walford00:54:3385
Peter Russell00:54:4887
Sarah Harris00:54:4888
Katie Barker00:55:3189
Melissa Wasdall00:59:4092
Lynnette Garstang01:00:3483
Jan Walker01:01:1095
Mandy Wilson01:01:2896
27th June Thurlow 10 Steve Mason01:01:215 (3rd MS)
Glenn Furish01:17:5449PB
Tracy Quarrell01:25:3486 (2nd FV45)
Kevin Jamieson01:26:4490
Wayne Maund01:27:1594
Sara Hammett-Risdale01:28:0385 (3rd FV45)
Josef Jacobs01:28:1296
Melanie Catten01:30:32101
Charlotte Westrope01:33:10107
Hayley Wilson01:36:40116
Helen Spooner01:40:26122
Sarah Murkin01:42:40126
Natasha Smith01:44:22127
Clair Nagorski01:47:26130
Wendy Giddins01:50:47136
27th JuneOrwell Ultra Marathon (32 miles)Sil Clay08:10:1520
Shirley Fowler08:10:2121


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