HRC 5K Time Trial


The HRC time trial is a monthly (usually last Thursday of the month) opportunity to test your fitness over 5K and see how you are improving.

The route which is fully marshalled is the same each month with minor variations between winter and summer. Details can be found here.

We are always looking for volunteers so please watch out for the Facebook posts and emails prior to the event.

Latest Results

25th May 2023

1Harry Minnette19.32 
2Zach Godfrey19:42 
3James Minnette19:44 
4Jayson Shuter20:28 
5Ethan Bolton20:39 
6Ray Mooney22:20 
7Thomas Bentley23:18 
8Luke Britten23:26 
9Stuart Britten23:27 
10Charlie Minnette24:03 
11Tujan Sari24:04 
12Carl Oldford24:18 
13Andy Jenkins24:43 
14Cat Wilson26:09 
15David Mansfield27:03 
16Grace Judge27:22 
17Bill Banner27:59 
18Andres Luna28:34 
19James Hymas29:04 
20Alex Creasy29:21 
21Diena Bolton29:23 
22Clare Clark30:42 
23Kurt Siss30:54 
24Ronan Cassidy37:31 
25Cheryl Claydon38:06 
26Louise Harris38:43Last runner

30th March 2023

1Josh Wigmore19:22 
2Harry Minnette19:41 
3Alan Emery21:38
4Ethan Bolton21:39
5Kate Russell21:40 
6Jayson Shuter21:47 
7Cameron Wishart22:01 
8Ray Mooney22:31 
9John Steel22:41 
10Erin Sari22:44
11James Minnette22:46 
12Thomas Bentley22:55 
13Craig Sisson23:16 
14Caitlyn Wishart24:41 
15Kellie Garrod24:57 
16Toby Wilson Waterworth25:14 
17Cat Wilson26:25 
18Melanie Catten27:57 
19Hebe Pickford28:04 
20Tujan Sari28:05 
21Grace Judge28:14 
22Joe Sayer28:15Guest
23Jim Mears28:32 
24Andy Jenkins28:32Guest
25Holly Le Winton28:40 
26Tracy Betts29:38 
27Stuart Nunn30:04 
28Diena Bolton30:10 
29Michael Richardson31:35Guest
30Karina Price35:21Guest
31Rachel Dickson35:28 
32Louise Harris35:38 
33Nicola Boddey35:49Guest
34Bill Banner35:50 
35Joanne Rosenwald35:53 
36Dave Mansfield35:57Last runner
37Hannah Barker39:50Guest
38Kevin Barker39:50 

23rd February 2023

1Harry Minnette19:52 
2James Minnette19:52 
3Ben Phillips19:53 
4Charlie Minnette20:50 
5Kate Russell21:29 
6Cameron Wishart21:44 
7Jimmy Morrell21:48Guest
8Benjamin Smith21:55 
9Jayson Shuter22:09 
10John Steel22:42 
11Erin Sari23:22 
12Caitlyn Wishart24:04 
13Luke Britten24:09 
14Stuart Britten24:11Guest
15Sophie Horler-Impey24:34 
16Thomas Bentley24:47 
17Alex Ashton25:02Guest
18Stuart Nunn25:11 
19Josh Iron25:52 
20Kellie Garrod25:56 
21Ross Arnold26:24 
22David Mansfield27:07 
23James Hymas28:28 
24Karen North28:34 
25Michael Banner28:49 
26Clare Clark30:34 
27Kurt Siss31:28 
28Rachel Dickson32:46 
29Carl Hardy33:10 
30Susan Marren37:30 
31Louise Harris37:37Last runner

26th January 2023

1Tony Bacon18:46 
2Andrew Bell19:01 
3Harry Minnette20:44 
4Kate Russell21:16 
5Ben Phillips21:17 
6Charlie Minnette21:18 
7Jayson Shuter22:36 
8Mark Phillips22:44 
9James Minnette22:45 
10Erin Sari23:33 
11Luke Britten24:19 
12Stuart Britten24:21 
13Daniel Everitt24:25 
14Ethan Lewis25:30 
15Thomas Bentley25:57 
16Kellie Garrod26:11 
17Cat Wilson26:36 
18Wayne Maund26:45 
19Josh Iron26:46 
20Alison Goodwin26:46 
21Nicole Sisson27:26 
22Craig Sisson27:27 
23David Mansfield27:47 
24Keeley White28:02 
25Hayley Wilson28:29 
26Karen North28:37 
27Suzanne Pattinson28:48 
28Jim Mears29:31 
29Diena Bolton30:39 
30Bill Banner31:53 
31James Hymas32:33 
32Andrew Colley33:24 
33Charlotte Churcher35:51 
34Louise Harris37:12 Last runner

Results archive



This year we are having a small change to help increase the competitiveness of the Time Trial Grand Prix. Out of the nine proposed Time Trials the final score will be based on the BEST SIX Wava scores for each runner.

There will be an overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as before with the shield going to the winner.

In addition there will be a competition based on age category with the following bandings:

  • 10-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31-35
  • 36-40
  • 41-45
  • 46-50
  • 51-55
  • 56-60
  • 60+

Based on the age of the runner at the start of 2021, As we are using the wava score these are mixed groups.

Time Trial Grand Prix (March – Nov 2021)

Virtual Time Trials (Jan 2021 – Feb 21)

In light of the current lockdown we are unable to hold our normal covid-secure Time Trials. So instead we are going virtual. All you have to do is run a 5K on the eligible dates, and tell us your time. We’ll do the rest.


The following results show just the people who have done 2 or more Time Trials, and could achieve the minimum of 3 of they do the final TT on Dec 3rd. People who have only done 2 TT’s won’t have a score on the ‘best 3’ results. They will show a score of 0 and will be at the bottom of the table, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win!

Results from previous years can be found HERE