HRC 5K Time Trial

Obviously the final Time Trial of the year, originally planned for November 19th, will now not go ahead on that date. We are therefore planning to hold the Time Trial on the first Thursday after lockdown, Thursday 3rd December.

Of course this is very much subject to National events and any additional guidelines that we have to follow but the hope is that we can complete the number of planned Time Trials this year. We’ll put out a pre-register link as usual nearer the time, please bear with if this is short notice.

Covid-secure measures

Start times will be staggered with groups no bigger than 6 people starting together. The time will be manually adjusted at the finish. Therefore we will need you to pre-register for this with your estimated / planned time so we can group you accordingly.

We won’t be handing out finish tokens but taking names as the runners cross the line… please be patient with this!

All runners are requested to adhere to all social distance rules at all times. In the event of overtaking it is the responsibility of the faster runner to ensure they overtake at a safe distance.As you can imagine this is all new to us so if you have any questions or concerns please contact the committee in the usual way so we can all ensure this is a safe happy event for all concerned.

NEW for 2020 – Time Trial Grand Prix Competition!

How it works:
•You run the TT as you normally would.
•Based on your age and time taken to complete the time trial, we will calculate your wava score. This will then be added to a spreadsheet.
•For each time trial you complete, you will be given a wava score. We will then take your best 3 wava scores from a possible of 7 time trials.
•Once you have completed 3 of them, then you can try and knock out your worse wava time to improve your score.

Using the wava score levels out the playing field so this competition is for everyone!

The winner will be announced at awards night and will be presented with a shiny new trophy!


The following results show just the people who have done 2 or more Time Trials, and could achieve the minimum of 3 of they do the final TT on Dec 3rd. People who have only done 2 TT’s won’t have a score on the ‘best 3’ results. They will show a score of 0 and will be at the bottom of the table, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win!

Results from previous years can be found HERE