HRC 5K Time Trial

HRC Time Trial 2021

For 2021 we are aiming to run a total of 9 Time Trials. This will be along the usual summer and winter routes as detailed on the web site. The competition will be decided on your best 6 results based on the wava scoring system, we know that runners would be unlikely to be able to make all the time trials and of course gives you opportunity to volunteer!

In 2021 we are mindful that we are coming out of Covid lockdown restrictions. Given that some runners may be shielding or uncomfortable running with others then we have decided that a TT can be contributed virtually also. We would like the virtual run to be completed on the same TT course as the organised event, however, as the course won’t be marshalled the club cannot accept any responsibility in terms of risk management. The virtual run must be completed in the same week as the organised time trial and the virtual results submitted via Facebook or the club email address with proof of the total elapsed time from start to finish including any stops. Please note the results for the virtual runs will be published at a later date as not to delay the results process for the organised event.


Providing the Government’s current roadmap out of Covid is still on course, all restrictions will be lifted no earlier than 21st June 2021. The conditions that existed requiring us to hold a virtual time trial will no longer be applicable therefore the committee has decided that the last virtual Time Trial will be MAY 2021 – from June onwards only the organised event will qualify you for our TT competition in 2021. As ever, this is subject to change if Government or England Athletic rulings change.

As for the organised event we will be operating with the same Covid secure guidelines as the latter stages of 2020 as below –

Start times will be staggered with groups no bigger than 6 people starting together. The time will be manually adjusted at the finish. Therefore, we will need you to pre-register for this with your estimated / planned time so we can group you accordingly. We cannot accept runners turning up on the evening without prior registration.

We won’t be handing out finish tokens but taking names as the runners cross the line… please be patient with this!

All runners are requested to adhere to all social distance rules at all times. In the event of overtaking, it is the responsibility of the faster runner to ensure they overtake at a safe distance. Please do not congregate in groups at the start and finish areas and bear in mind you are representing Haverhill Running Club whilst taking part in an organised event.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the runner being ineligible for future time trials.

These guidelines are subject to change through the year in the event of Covid regulations changing nationally.

Competition And Results

This year we are having a small change to help increase the competitiveness of the Time Trial Grand Prix. Out of the nine proposed Time Trials the final score will be based on the BEST SIX Wava scores for each runner.

There will be an overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as before with the shield going to the winner.

In addition there will be a competition based on age category with the following bandings:












Based on the age of the runner at the start of 2021, As we are using the wava score these are mixed groups.

Time Trial Grand Prix (March – Nov 2021)

Virtual Time Trials (Jan 2021 – Feb 21)

In light of the current lockdown we are unable to hold our normal covid-secure Time Trials. So instead we are going virtual. All you have to do is run a 5K on the eligible dates, and tell us your time. We’ll do the rest.

Results 2020

The following results show just the people who have done 2 or more Time Trials, and could achieve the minimum of 3 of they do the final TT on Dec 3rd. People who have only done 2 TT’s won’t have a score on the ‘best 3’ results. They will show a score of 0 and will be at the bottom of the table, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win!

Results from previous years can be found HERE