Beginners Course

Our Beginners course is ideal if you are new to running, or returning to running after an extended break. Delivered by our dedicated coaches, the course will equip you with all the essential skills and techniques that you need to run a full 5K.

Existing HRC members can also make use of the Beginners course as part of their membership, at no additional cost. For example, as a HRC member you may find it helpful to attend all or part of the Beginners course if you’ve been prevented from running due to injury and want to start back slowly to regain your confidence.

The next Beginners course with Haverhill Running Club will be starting on Thursday 11th January 2024.

Please sign up here!! You will be taken to a secure google form to fill in and then payment details will be sent once you have signed up. Please use your name as payment reference and check junk mail for any emails.



“I had run a bit on my own when I decided to join the beginners course. I was a bit worried but it was a small group and I benefitted from lots of help and advice. I enjoyed it so much I went on to join the Running Club and have since run a half and full marathon. It’s great to have lots of people to run with who share a love of running.

Karen North

“After moving to the area and not running for a few years I joined the Beginners group run by the club to help get me running again. It was the best thing I did. The leaders are extremely supportive and encouraging regardless of your ability. The whole group is a complete mix of abilities and everyone is made to feel supported. Every week is different and we learned skills to support our running. Joining the beginners course reignited my love of running. I have since joined the club and really enjoy being a part of a supportive group of runners. If you are thinking of signing up to a beginners course then don’t hesitate, it will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself.”

Susan Marren

“I hadn’t run since middle school (over 25 years) and wanted to do something for myself after having 7 children to get fit and make friends. I often saw runners going along the railway line outside my house and thought I want to be able to do that! I was extremely nervous, but Stephen put me at ease and my confidence grew along with my fitness. I enjoy representing HRC as I love feeling part of a team and having the support and encouragement from fellow runners. I have done 5k, 5 mile and 10k races this year and have signed up for 10 mile and Half Marathon for the latter part of the year. I am so excited for what the future holds, as running has given me more to look forward to for myself as well as being a Mum. Hopefully I can make my kids proud, like they do me.”

Kristina Bright

“So, my sister suggested we sign up for the HRC beginners course. I thought she was mental and I think my exact response began with an f and ended with an off. However I could see it was something she really wanted to do so I felt my big sister obligation kick in. So I signed up, expecting to hate every minute. It certainly wasn’t something I was going to continue with once the course was completed. Little did I know I would actually turn out to love it! Best thing I ever did. Perhaps I should listen to my sister more often lol.

Gemma Evans

“I joined the beginners course after not running for years. I wanted to ease myself back into being able to run 5 – the course did just that. Steven was a brilliant instructor and everyone else who would come along to help and encourage were always lovely. I have now gone on to be able to run 10k, which for me is a fairly good pace. I love Thursday club runs and the atmosphere and friendliness of the club. I have also made some new running buddies along the way as I hate running alone.”

Emma Louise Brown

“I always said that I wasn’t a runner, I hated running, I couldn’t run for toffee! I signed up for the beginners’ course as I had already started going to the Parkrun and was told about it by Clare Everitt. I wanted to get fit and saw by getting exercise how it would help with my current weight loss as well as toning.

When I started, I could barely run between the lamp posts on the railway path without stopping. Within about 5 weeks I ran round the 5K Parkrun without stopping for the first time and by 10 weeks I had several Parkruns under my belt, I was going to HRC training, voluntarily going out for runs and at 10 weeks did the Time Trial in temperatures of almost 30 degrees.

I was the slowest at the beginners’ group, but I was never made to feel bad for that by anyone in the group or by the instructors. The instructors – Stephen, Neil, Steve, Clare, Carl, Mel and Jo – all were so supportive and never judgemental. There was always a tail runner at the back coaching, encouraging and just being there for you mentally. I do not think I could have got through the course if it weren’t for the positivity and support of them all. My self-esteem has improved dramatically, I am so much fitter (but still slow), I have met some wonderful new friends and more importantly, I LOVE RUNNING!”

Sally Johnston