Tuesday Training


We may not be able to train together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still train! To help you out we’re posting some sessions that you can do anywhere, at any time. These sessions are one’s normally done by the ‘Experienced’ training group, but the great thing about time based sessions is that it doesn’t matter how fast you are, 2mins is still 2mins! If the whole session is too much for you right now, reduce the number of sets or just stop when they feel they’ve done enough.

To help us all stay safe please try to do these sessions close to where you live, not the locations where training normally takes place (others may have the same idea!).

It’s really important to be properly warmed up before attempting any of these sessions. At the very least make sure that you start off with 10mins of slow/steady running to loosen up the muscles and get the HR up a bit. You might want to increase the pace a bit towards the end of the warm-up run, gently easing yourself into the effort that’s about to come.

If you prefer to do a structured warm up similar to what we do on Tuesday nights, you could start off with a 5min slow/steady run followed by some mobility exercises (e.g., arm swings, legs swings, open the gate/close the gate, ankle rotations). You can follow this with something more dynamic to get the HR up and get the key muscles groups firing (e.g., high knees, heel flicks, fast running on the spot, accelerations over 100m). If you don’t know what any of these are you could try this warm up session instead.

Dynamic Athletics Warm Up

The following sessions are all out and back sessions i.e., you run out to a point, recover, then run back to the start point.

Session 1 – Pyramid

  • 1min out, 1min back
  • 90s out, 90s back
  • 2min out, 2min back
  • 90s out, 90s back
  • 60s out, 60s back.
  • Recovery is 30seconds between each rep
  • Rest 3mins then repeat

Session 2 – 2min (roughly 500m)

  • 2min out, 2min back
  • 2min out, 2min back
  • Recovery is 60s between each rep
  • Rest for 3mins then repeat two more times.

Session 3 – 4min (roughly 1K)

  • 4min out, 4min back
  • 4min out, 4min back
  • Recovery is 90s between each rep
  • Rest for 3mins then repeat

If you wanted to cut down the number of reps you could do:

  • 4min out, 4min back, 4min out
  • Rest 3mins
  • 4min back, 4min out, 4min back

Session 4 – Hill reps

Find a suitably long hill for the following pyramid session. The times shown are how long (in seconds) that you need to maintain the uphill effort before stopping and jogging back to the bottom.

  • 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s, 45s, 40s, 35s, 30s, 25s, 20s
  • Rest for 3mins and then repeat.

Session 5 – Fartlek Run

Fartleks are not only fun to say out loud, but they’re fun to run. Fartlek is the Swedish for “speed play,” and that is exactly what this run is all about. Unlike tempo and interval work, fartlek is unstructured and alternates between moderate to hard efforts with easy efforts throughout. After a warmup, you play with speed by running at faster efforts for short periods of time (to that tree, to the sign) followed by easy-effort running to recover. If you’re running solo, you can use it as a playful way to pass the time by targeting random markers as the finish line for the hard efforts. The goal is to keep it free-flowing so you’re untethered to the watch or a plan, and to run at harder efforts but not a specific pace. Benefits of Fartlek: Stress-free workout that improves mind-body awareness, mental strength, and stamina.


So, what’s on offer?

Haverhill Running Club offers training sessions on a Tuesday at 18:30 from Haverhill Leisure Centre in the winter (October – April) and from Castle Manor School (May to September).

Structure for Tuesday 6:30 groups:

The groups should reflect the level of training and focus for each individual and should more effectively meet their individual goals based on experience rather than at what pace you can run.


If you’re not sure which group you fit into please speak to the Coaches who will chat it through with you

See the image at the bottom of the page for exact meeting points when we are away from the Leisure Centre. Runners are more than welcome to run up to Rookwood Way or Holmefield Road but please organise this in addition. It may be easier for people to drive straight to the session due to other commitments or if they are not ready to run there, do the session and run back etc. Please note the session will start at 18:30 from the advertised location. Please be on time!

Next Training – TBC

LC = Leisure Centre

Why train?

The club has social runs on Thursday – a chance to just run with your mates – but Tuesdays offers training, but why – it’s about your goals!

Your running goal is just that – YOURS! Everyone in the club runs for different reasons and what one person does one week will be different the next month, so the only goal to be really interested in is your goal.

If your running goal is to get out of the house twice a week, you can run on a Tuesday  and again on a Thursday at whatever pace you like and tick – you are done – so long as you turn up.

If you goal is to run a little faster than the month before or to achieve a personal best – then Tuesday Training starts to kick in – as to go faster you are going to need to push yourself a little harder – no matter how fast you can run, to get faster you need to train.

My name is in the club records a few times – but trust me at different times over the last 4 years I have at one point had all of the goals below at separate times – as I said goals are just yours and can change – just identify what you want/need and do it!

Where to start –

If getting out of the house is the goal (and note I did not say “simply getting” or “just getting” – as sometimes even this goal is hard enough) then the club has lots of fixed times you can pick and choose from. I fixed times with my mates – knowing they are waiting on you worked for me as you don’t want to let them down!

The I want to get fitter goal – then just run – a bit like the goal before, just doing something will help you don’t have to complicate it – you might get faster you might not – but you will get healthier!

The I want to get stronger and go faster goal, then remember this – the only occasion time and distance count is when you run a race – all other runs once this goal is set are training runs and serve different purposes.

  • Strength type run – this is a typical Tuesday night session – reps (on the track or hills) that require a “short” burst of effort and then a rest – its generally building strength in both your legs and your heart!
  • Tempo run – this run is about running at a speed that means you are just about able to hold conversation – its training your heart and building your endurance and only needs to last between 30 and 40 minutes ish.
  • Long run – “long” is different for all and might only be 30 minutes if you have just started running, but would generally be about between 60 and 90 minutes or more. Nothing speedy about this run, you should be able to hold conversation all the time, or close your mouth and breath just through your nose, the pace will be easy – its why they always seem to happen at the weekend, because its good for a catch up, or to lose yourself in your iPOD – this run (which only works if you go slow!) is doing lots, building strength in your connective tissues, teaching your body to burn fat and oxygen (clean fuel!), and basically building a solid base for your other training. Don’t underestimate this run just because its slow – do it right to get the benefits.
  • Core – this is not running at all – this training is about building all over body strength, but core mussels (tummy muscles) are often emphasised. Its no good having massive legs and match stick arms – your whole body is needed for running – that said strength is not bulk – who is strongest Mr Bolt or Mr Farrah? Boot camp, circuits, gym it goes by many names but it all helps.

If you did one each of the sessions above a week you would not be going far wrong and will see improvement. For me if you apply yourself fully to each of the sessions above and give it your all / execute it correctly then you will improve.

Want to go even faster – you might need to employ some help as your training will need to become more specific to the type of race distance you want – but fear not there is lots of advice at the club from all sorts of experienced runners and there is plenty of coaching help from both free and paid professionals (see the clubs who can help me for some local Personal Trainers).

Real Bodies – timetable

Haverhill Leisure Centre

Nigel Chapman

Every Wednesday evening at 6.15 and Saturday morning 8.30. Simply ask to join Bumpstead Boot Camp on Facebook. No commitment, but it is a closed group so need to join to see info.

Kelly Mepham Health and Fitness

Kelly offers a number of packages, including One-to-one personal training sessions, Bootcamps, Nutrition analysis and advice

If you want to add / change your session details please let us know – happy to add more


Need some ideas – go check out Strava and see what runs club members are doing right now!

Meeting points: