Tuesday Training

What we offer

Tuesday Training is at 6.30pm every Tuesday and lasts for approximately 1 hour. Each week we offer 3 training groups – Yellow, Green and Blue.

The general format of the session is the same across all 3 groups. It begins with a warm-up jog and drills, followed by a structured training session and ending with a cool down jog and some stretching to aid recovery.

The structured training part of the session varies week to week, but it will always be a variation on interval training (periods of hard effort broken up by periods of recovery). Some weeks the hard efforts will be short, some weeks they will be long and sometimes they will involve running up hills. We use a variety of locations around town for our training, as each one lends itself to a particular type of session e.g., long reps or hills.

What is the difference between Yellow, Green and Blue groups?

Actually, there’s no real difference. All the groups do the same sessions in the same locations, just on alternating weeks. The faster group might manage more reps in a given time than the other groups, but everyone is working equally hard for the same amount of time.

So why have 3 groups?

We’ve found over the years that people benefit most from the training when they train with others of a similar ability. Some people also feel more comfortable training with people of a similar ability to them.

Which group is best for me?

That’s entirely up to you and it may require some trial and error, but as a rough guide:

  • 40min 5K – Start with Yellow Group
  • 30min 5K – Start with Green Group
  • 20min 5K – Start with Blue Group

Remember – all of the groups do the same sessions, and whichever group you choose you’ll only be expected to do what you can comfortably manage. Some people like to go to a group above their current ability, to motivate them to try even harder. Some people may like to go to a group below their current ability some weeks, if they’re feeling tired or just want a social run rather than a hard training session.

The groups are there each week, it’s up to you how you use them.

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