Club Championship 2022


The HRC Club Grand Prix is designed to encourage runners to represent the club at local events as well as encourage some friendly competition between all runners within the club regardless of sex or age.

The Grand Prix uses an age grading system to calculate scores. Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people’s performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you. This means that you don’t need to be the fastest runner to win!

Race results will be automatically entered into the HRC Grand Prix so please ensure you enter using your England Athletics ID or select HRC as your club when entering.


  • Shield: Overall winner
  • Awards for top 3 male and female


  • Must be a fully paid up club member to take part at the time of the race, No retro scoring will be allowed after the first race.
  • Best 7 scores count
  • No minimum number of races required to enter
  • Results will be calculated based on the chip times where available
  • Scores are calculated using the age grading system based on your age on the day. Max score is 100
  • 10 bonus points added for representing the club at each race in the Hockeys series
  • 10 bonus points added for volunteering at Haverhill Hockeys 5K Series and Thurlow 5M/10M races
  • Runners should notify a HRC Committee member where another runner has run in their name so results can be adjusted
  • In the event of the races below not going ahead we reserve the right to amend the list but will provide plenty of notice


13th March Haverhill Running Festival 10K
Haverhill Running Festival Half Marathon
Haverhill Running Festival Marathon
20th March Stowmarket Half Marathon
10th April Bungay 10K
Bungay Half Marathon
Bungay Marathon
2nd May Ashdon 10K
8th May Halstead Marathon
22nd May Hoohaah Ickworth 10K
Stephen Williams 10K (Thurston)
27th MaySudbury Friday 5M
17th JuneBury Friday 5M
3rd JulyNewmarket 10k
4th SeptemberWissey Half Marathon
4th SeptemberNorthstowe Half Marathon
2nd OctoberAbington 10K
23rd OctoberThurlow 5M 
23rd OctoberThurlow 10M 
13th NovemberStebbing 10M
20th NovemberHadleigh 5M
20th November Hadleigh 10M

Final Standings

Last updated 21st November 2022

The overall winner is: Cheryl Trundle – Congratulations!!!!

The top 3 females:

  1. Cheryl Trundle
  2. Mary Ann Tuli
  3. Sililo Clay

The top 3 males:

  1. Mark Novels
  2. Stephen Husband
  3. Yusuf Firat
613.477Cheryl Trundle1Mark Novels7582.60
545.777Mary Ann Tuli2Stephen Husband7511.61
527.737Sililo Clay3Yusuf Firat7485.32
515.097Grace Judge4Daniel Pelling7480.90
443.307Helen Spooner5Ian Elden5364.05
412.296Tracy Quarrell6James Minnette4312.78
299.935Hayley Wilson7Neil Darracott4274.63
235.224Clair Nagorski8David Percy3256.81
217.673Silke Sheppard9Mark White3217.51
187.773Keeley White10Glenn Fruish3205.40