Club Championships 2023

The HRC Club Grand Prix is designed to encourage runners to represent the club at local events as well as encourage some friendly competition between all runners within the club regardless of sex or age.

The Grand Prix uses an age grading system to calculate scores. Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people’s performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you. This means that you don’t need to be the fastest runner to win!

This year, the Club GP will be a little different.

You are no longer restricted to choosing from specific races to take part.

Instead, you can enter your result from ANY officially measured race.


  • Shield: Overall winner
  • Awards for top 3 male and female


  1. Self submit your results using the following form:
  2. Your results across different distances will be ranked using age grading (WAVA) to calculate a score.
  3. The best 3 of these (across 3 different distances) will make up your overall score for the competition.
  4. The GP runs from 21 November 2022 to the last Sunday before awards night (date TBC)
  5. Distances are 5k, 5m, 10k, 10m, HM, 20m, Mara, 50k, 100k and 100m.
  6. For the purposes of the competition, we consider Hockeys, Club TT and parkruns as officially measured (5k) events.
  7. You must be a fully paid up club member at the time of the race for it to be an allowable result.
  8. You can submit as many results as you like, every time you improve over any of the distances, but only your best time over each distance will count towards your final score.


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