Club Runs

Club runs take place every Thursday evening at 6,30pm, from Haverhill Leisure Centre.

The only exception is the last Thursday of the month, when the club Time Trial is held at 7pm – there is no club run on that evening.

Winter Months (October to April)

Each week we will select one of the winter running routes and aim to provide groups at the following paces: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 minutes/mile.

Each group will be led by a group leader/pacer who’s job is to know the route, set the pace for the group, ensure that nobody gets left behind, and carry a phone in case there are any issues. If you are happy to lead/pace a group occasionally, please let us know.

  • Long run is approximately 6miles
  • Short run is approximately 4miles
  • The 10, 11 and 12 m/m groups will stop to regroup as required.
  • The 12 m/m will usually use the short route option, but if there is demand for a 6 mile run at that pace we will endeavour to find someone to lead it.


Summer Months (May to September)

During the summer months running activities will be more varied and may include social runs using the summer running routes, team events (e.g., Summer 5k Series), HRC Time Trials, pub and orienteering runs, visits to other clubs and talks. A summer run schedule will be published to provide information about what has been planned but this may be subject to change at short notice, depending on the weather etc, so it’s important to keep an eye on the weekly posts.

The summer social runs tend to be more relaxed – we will either use group leaders/pacers (as in the winter), or we may run as a single group with a leader and a tail runner to ensure no one gets lost or left behind. The group leader/pacer will know the route but all runners are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the route before they set off

As in the winter months:

  • Long run is approximately 6miles
  • Short run is approximately 4miles (12min/mile group)