Club Runs


Summer Club Runs (May to September) –

So like the winter runs, based on the run leader or pacers that are available and volunteer, we still aim to have people running at specific paces (terrain and weather depending if they actually reach the pace). This means that given the weather we are free run over the hills and fields and far away – no more pavement plodding. Routes are on the website so please ensure you have an idea of where you are going. The pacer will know the route but their job is to run a certain time and help runners as needed.

Keep watching the website during the summer as lots of things crop up, Kevin Henry’s, Orienteering runs, visits to other clubs, talks and the like.

We still meet at the sports center at 7pm (or 6.30pm if its on a Tuesday), the run is still about 6 miles (or 4 miles for the 12mm group) 

Winter Club Runs (October to April) –

At 7pm (from Sports Centre) the club sets off as one big group, you run at the pace you feel comfortable. You have the choice as to how much you push yourself or don’t, and you can join a slower or faster pacer depending on how you feel during the run! This allows you the flexibility of using the Club Run to meet your own needs.

There are pacers at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 m/m, one run leader will be assigned to each pace, and they will stick to this. There will always be a last runner, so no one will get left behind. The 10, 11 and 12 m/m pacers will provide stops for those running with them if needed. The 12 m/m will also use the short route option.

The route and the pacers available (depending on who can pace) will be communicated via the website earlier in the week (sign up if you want the automatic email). During the winter the route will be the running route that matches the Thursday of the month – i.e the first Thursday will be route 1

The 6pm (Sports Centre) club run normally has a smaller number thus the range of pacers is not available. However the group is still mixed ability. The route is altered to accommodate every ones needs based on who is there on the night.

The last Thursday of the month is the clubs Time Trail – there is no club run on this night.

Summer run plan until mid-September. Runs are subject to change but we will let you know.

Timetable TBC