Club Runs

Update 1st Aug 2020

Next week we are going to try resuming some sort of club run on Thursdays. Under the current UKA guidelines we are allowed to train in unlimited numbers, providing that we comply with the latest social distancing measures.

Unfortunately the club doesn’t have enough Run Leaders to make these coach led sessions (which would have allowed groups of up to 12), which means that we are limited to the more general rule of ‘groups of 6 people from different households meeting outdoors with social distancing’.

What this basically means is that multiple groups of up to 6 people can meet at the leisure centre at 7pm on Thursday, and go for a run along the same routes. Everyone within the group of 6 needs to maintain social distancing from each other (unless they are from the same household), and the groups must remain separate from each other.

The meeting place for the club run will be the square in front of the Leisure Centre (where we used to congregate after time trials). It is vitally important that we all maintain social distancing when we are waiting to start the run. Please get yourselves into your groups as soon as possible, ensuring that you also maintain social distancing within your group.

As there won’t be any Run Leaders or pacers, at least one person in the group needs to take responsibility for knowing the route and carrying a phone.

The club have decided to leave it up to the members to put together the groups of 6. Feel free to post on the club FB page if you want to put together a group, or you are looking for a group to join.

When you have completed your runs please do not congregate around the Leisure Centre. We appreciate that social interaction is a big reason that we all run, but in order for this to work we all need to stick to the rules and it wouldn’t look good if we were seen hanging around chatting in a large group.

To comply with UKA guidance we are required to capture contact details for test and trace. We already have the contact details of all members, so all we need to know is who’s in each group. This will also be handed over to you for you to do, but we will be doing checks to make sure it’s being done. One person from each group is asked to complete a very simple online form, giving the name of each person in their group.

Rules for athletes attending training during Covid-19

  • To book onto a session, you MUST be a paid-up member. Please email us if you are unsure whether you are a paid-up member.
  • Please read the England Athletics guidance on returning to training.
  • Do not attend any club training sessions if you or someone you live with has any of the following: A high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • Before leaving home follow all hygiene guidance including washing your hands.
  • Drinks bottles MUST be clearly labelled with your name.
  • When you arrive at the venue please go straight to your meeting point.
  • Adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • Do not touch any of the equipment such as cones, these must only be handled by the organising coach.
  • Please leave the venue once the session has finished.
  • Any member or participant who has attended a session and subsequently tests positive for COVID must complete the UKA COVID-19 tracking form.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may mean that you are asked to leave the session and may not be able to book onto future sessions.
  • Covid Officer is Trevor Bunch