Meet the HRC Team!

The Committee – Who are we?

Karen Martin – Chair 

I’m Karen and I’m the current, and first female, chair of the club. I joined HRC in 2014 because I wanted to lose a bit of weight and get fit. I had a fantastic year of personal bests and made it on to club records, but following injury in 2015 and 2016 I was unable to run so I got involved with the committee. This enabled me to stay in touch and to feel part of the club even though I wasn’t running, I joined the committee as an ordinary member in 2015 and I’m proud to now be in my second year as club chair and be part of a team helping to build a friendly, successful and happy running club.

Jo Vickery – Treasurer

I joined the running club in 2010 after some colleagues talked me into entering the Great North Run. As I had only run/walked a 5k since leaving school, I felt that needed some structured help with my training. I was a bit nervous about joining the club as I didn’t know anyone and at that point we had no beginners courses. Roll on nine years and I have made some lifelong friends and I am so pleased I took the leap into joining. I am proud of being a member of the club, as it is so friendly and supportive.

Clair Gale – Secretary

I joined a HRC beginners course back in January 2017 because I wanted to get fit, help my mental health and to prove to myself I could actually run after all those years of playing the sick card at school during cross country because I “couldn’t run”. I fell in love with running and the people in the club welcomed me like family. I like talking and getting to know people, hence why I joined the committee. I also love glitter, stationary and organisation so the secretary role was my goal.  I’m looking forward to 2019, working with a great team and helping to progress our fantastic club further with lots of exciting upcoming events.

Clair is also the clubs Mental Health Champion and is involved in Run and Talk – the regular running and talking group in Haverhill

Hayley Wilson – Women’s Captain

I joined one of the beginners courses in 2014 and was pretty much hooked despite spending many years believing I couldn’t run. The coaching and encouragement from HRC has helped me to run lots of events up to 20 miles. Not only did my fitness improve hugely I met so many new people and made many new friends. As with many others running has been a ‘go to’ during difficult times and has helped me to manage a series of life-changing events. I joined the committee as I enjoy organising things and wanted to help out more and contribute to a club that has given me so much! I am very passionate about off-road running and organise our annual cross-country event.

Mark White – Men’s Captain

I’ve been a member of HRC for six years now. I have learnt so much about my running through the coaches and many other experienced runners, that I thought it’s about time I tried to give “something back” to other runners in the club. I have been a Leader in Running Fitness for four years and will be taking the Coach in Running Fitness course this year. Stepping up to the committee as men’s captain is a role I’m very much looking forward to and HRC will again be a fighting force in 2019!

Nigel Chapman

Life circumstances have given me more time for other things this year. As a founder club member, and previous Chairman for six years I feel a strong affinity to the ongoing life of the club. I hope my experience of club activities over the years will be a useful contribution to the committee. Having not been directly involved with the committee for about ten years I hope that I will be rejuvenated with thoughts and ideas. I’m particularly interested in developing the social side of HRC. Also, I would like to get involved in coaching. I am looking forward to an exciting year back on the committee!

Sil Clay – Coach

I have been running for a long time, covering all distances up to marathons and have been a member of HRC for nearly nine years. I am a Level 3 Endurance coach and lead coach to the Junior HRC section. I am also the coach for #RunAndTalk, something I resonate with. Running is one of the three cornerstones of my life. My husband, my two boys and running have seen me through thick and thin after a life changing illness. I run because I can and there simply isn’t anything I cannot find a solution to, once I lace up my running shoes!!

Steve Oglesby

I joined HRC in September 2017 after securing a place in 2018 Virgin London Marathon. Having been running for around six months I thought it would be good to join a club to gain some more training tips. I was lucky I knew a few people at the club already, but everyone was very encouraging and made me feel welcome. Over the coming months I came to realise it was more than just a running club, but also a support and social group. I took the Leader in Running Fitness course and I love leading the beginner courses and helping them to achieve their goals. I have joined the committee because I want to help the club continue to grow and build on the great reputation it has.

Sarah Stuppell

I joined the beginners course in January 2017 after some gentle encouragement from family members! I had never been able to run more than 50 yards so I never thought a running club would be for somebody like me. The club is so supportive and encourages all abilities which makes it a very special club. Having helped out at a number of club events last year I realised how much time, hard work and dedication goes into organising these events so I wanted to give back to the club in some way.

Graeme Johnston

I grew up in the North East where I was a junior runner of a reasonable standard, then life took over and I had a break from running for about thirty years. I started again in my late forties to improve my fitness and support my cycling, and I have not looked back. I joined HRC in 2018 and it took my running to a whole new level, not just with the structured coaching on offer but more importantly I discovered how much more fun it is to run with other people. HRC is such a supportive running club, it’s not just there for the experienced, elite runners but for all those who wish to enjoy running and develop themselves. I joined the committee to help support those who have discovered (or rediscovered!) running later in life and continue the tradition of the happy running club.

Clare Everitt

I took up running about 8 years but got bored running on my own and not seeing my times improve. So, in 2015 I joined HRC. I know there will always to someone from the club to run with and have seen my times improve so much. With the help of the HRC family I have run in 4 half marathons and lots of other distances that I didn’t have the confidence to do before.

Contact us…

General inquiries should be directed through the Club Secretary…but any committee member is happy to help you!

 Who does what?

Each committee member has taken a broad area of responsibility, the actual tasks within that responsibility are carried out by a variety of members from the whole club. The Committee member responsible will keep in contact with all their volunteers and ensure they have all the support they need or seek the wider support of the committee to ensure they do.

“Vacant” all the tasks and wishes of the committee will be listed here even if there is no one to do it yet – fancy a go? – full descriptions of the vacant posts will be coming shortly, but in the mean time contact the responsible committee member for more information.

Fancy a go at something that’s not vacant – let the committee member know – you never know what might be happening behind the scenes, and knowing you want to help can help us plan!

  Fixture and Results

Race Reports – Hayley Wilson
Fixtures List –  Hayley Wilson
Results Archive – Graeme Johnston
Club Records – Graeme Johnston


Website general – Ross Arnold, Hayley Wilson, Graeme Johnston
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Official club emails – Clair Gale, Karen Martin
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  Social Events

Awards Night 2019 – Committee
Club Social Nights – Committee
London Bus – 2019 – Jo Vickery

  Clothing and Merchandise

Clothing and Merchandise – Matthew Cowell 

  Coaching and Training

Overall: Karen Martin – Club Chair

Beginners Course – Stephen Reyes, Steve Oglesby
Structured Training (Tuesdays) – Mark White
Club Runs (Thursdays) – Mark White

Junior section – Sil Clay

  Finances and Accounts

Clubs Accounts – Jo Vickery

  Club Administration
England Athletics Affiliations – Clair Gale
Club Membership – Clair Gale
Suffolk Athletics representation – Hayley Wilson
Committee meetings and minutes – Clair Gale
  Running events

Kevin Henry Series – Karen Martin
Club Grand Prix – Tony Bacon
Cross Country Winter Series – Hayley Wilson 
Cross Country Championships – Hayley Wilson
Suffolk Grand Prix – Hayley Wilson and Mark White
Cambridge Chariots of Fire Relay – 
Ekiden Relay – Clare Everitt

Time Trial (Summer competition) – Clare Everitt
Time Trial (monthly) – Clare Everitt and Annette Hall
Thurlow 5 & 10 – Karen Martin

Hereward Relay – 

Kedington Kevin Henry Race – Karen Martin
Winter XC Race – Hayley Wilson
Round Norfolk Relay – Stephen Reyes