Meet the HRC Team!

The Committee – Who are we and who does what?

Steve Oglesby – Chairman, Coach, Health and Safety

I joined HRC in September 2017 after securing a place in 2018 Virgin London Marathon. Having been running for around six months I thought it would be good to join a club to gain some more training tips. I was lucky I knew a few people at the club already, but everyone was very encouraging and made me feel welcome. Over the coming months I came to realise it was more than just a running club, but also a support and social group. I took the Leader in Running Fitness course and I love leading the beginner courses and helping them to achieve their goals. I have joined the committee because I want to help the club continue to grow and build on the great reputation it has.

Trevor Bunch – Secretary, Coach Education and Development, Coach

Grace Judge – Treasurer, Membership Secretary

Mark White – Men’s Captain, Club Training, Coach

I’ve been a member of HRC for six years now. I have learnt so much about my running through the coaches and many other experienced runners, that I thought it’s about time I tried to give “something back” to other runners in the club. I have been a Leader in Running Fitness for four years and will be taking the Coach in Running Fitness course this year. Stepping up to the committee as men’s captain is a role I’m very much looking forward to and HRC will again be a fighting force in 2019!

Rhiannon Beal – Ladies Captain, Social Events

Hayley Wilson – Cross Country

I joined one of the beginners courses in 2014 and was pretty much hooked despite spending many years believing I couldn’t run. The coaching and encouragement from HRC has helped me to run lots of events up to 20 miles. Not only did my fitness improve hugely I met so many new people and made many new friends. As with many others running has been a ‘go to’ during difficult times and has helped me to manage a series of life-changing events. I joined the committee as I enjoy organising things and wanted to help out more and contribute to a club that has given me so much! I am very passionate about off-road running and organise our annual cross-country event.

Sil Clay – Junior Section Lead, Coach

I have been running for a long time, covering all distances up to marathons and have been a member of HRC for nearly nine years. I am a Level 3 Endurance coach and lead coach to the Junior HRC section. I am also the coach for #RunAndTalk, something I resonate with. Running is one of the three cornerstones of my life. My husband, my two boys and running have seen me through thick and thin after a life changing illness. I run because I can and there simply isn’t anything I cannot find a solution to, once I lace up my running shoes!!

Graeme Johnston – Communications

I grew up in the North East where I was a junior runner of a reasonable standard, then life took over and I had a break from running for about thirty years. I started again in my late forties to improve my fitness and support my cycling, and I have not looked back. I joined HRC in 2018 and it took my running to a whole new level, not just with the structured coaching on offer but more importantly I discovered how much more fun it is to run with other people. HRC is such a supportive running club, it’s not just there for the experienced, elite runners but for all those who wish to enjoy running and develop themselves. I joined the committee to help support those who have discovered (or rediscovered!) running later in life and continue the tradition of the happy running club.

Craig Sisson – Club Running Events

Gina Hickey – Communications

Melissa Wasdall – Results and Fixtures

Mark Phillips – Junior Section Representative

Contact us…

General inquiries should be directed through the Club Secretary…but any committee member is happy to help you!

Non-committe roles

Suzanna Pattinson – Club Welfare Officer

Clair Gale – Mental Health Champion, Run and Talk leader

I joined a HRC beginners course back in January 2017 because I wanted to get fit, help my mental health and to prove to myself I could actually run after all those years of playing the sick card at school during cross country because I “couldn’t run”. I fell in love with running and the people in the club welcomed me like family. I like talking and getting to know people, hence why I joined the committee. I also love glitter, stationary and organisation so the secretary role was my goal.  I’m looking forward to 2019, working with a great team and helping to progress our fantastic club further with lots of exciting upcoming events.