Summer Routes & Trail Runs

Summer Route 1

  • Leaving from the sports centre along the railway line, turn right at Cangle school

  • follow path to field at the top

  • diagonally cross the field up to the water tower then down the other side to Wratting

  • Turn left at the road and follow to Withersfield

  • Turn left at Withersfield and carry on past the old fox pub

  • then turn left into the public footpath opposite the horse field

  • Over the wooden bridge and follow this path all the way down past the horse paddocks and back to the meadowlands est.

  • then make your way back to the railway line and back to the sports centre. 6.1 miles.

    • The shorter cut off point would be at the track on the left at the top of the hill just after the water tower highlighted in red coming back out at the meadowlands roundabout.

Summer Route 1.JPG

Summer Route 2

  • Join railway path behind Leisure Centre and turn right.

  • Cross Manor Road then look for the footpath on the right that goes through the bushes.

  • Follow this over Sturmer Arches viaduct and round the perimeter of Culina.

  • Cross over the bypass and follow the footpath across the field and straight over the dirt track and across another field uphill.

  • Go through the gap in the hedge then follow the path along the hedge as it goes left and loops round a small wood then heads right alongside a ditch.

  • Follow this towards the end of the field and turn right over a small footbridge.

  • Follow the path round the field edge and go through Garlands Farm to join a tarmac farm track then cross the Haverhill Road and through a green gate into a meadow by a lake.

  • At the end of the grass track turn right and join a footpath that goes up the hill alongside a ditch.

  • At the top join a track and turn right and take the footpath uphill on the left side of the hedgerow until you reach the farm on the corner of the Bumpstead Road.

  • Turn left onto the Haverhill Road and over the bypass roundabout and head towards Sturmer Arches.

  • Go past the Hollands Road turn off then take the old railway footpath on the left to the new houses at the back of the Old Croft football ground follow your nose back to the leisure centre.

Summer Route 2.JPG

Summer Route 3

  • From sports centre to Duddery Hill, follow up to the Clements est, turn left at IFF
  • then left again at Clements primary school onto the path that leads to the football fields
  • run across the football field to the gate onto the bypass, cross bypass onto track directly opposite
  • follow pathway up the field to the wooded area at the far end of the field
  • follow track through the woods (about 100yds) once through woods turn left
  • follow the edge of the field to the end, turn right
  • continue to follow edge of field for about 100yds then turn left over wooden footbridge
  • Follow the track down the hill, between the houses and up to the road.
  • At the road, turn left and follow down the hill into Helions Bumpstead
  • turn left at the junction and follow the road back to the bypass
  • Cross bypass and head to Holland’s rd, turn right at the end of Holland’s rd
  • back down Duddery Hill and back to the sports centre.
    • 4 mile cut off – left after Ladygate Wood

Route is 7 miles, a nice mix of road & off road, a bit hilly in places but that’s what it’s all about

Helions Summer Route (Mark White)


Summer Route 4

  • From Leisure Centre head along road to Sturmer arches

  • go right up Bumpstead road turn left onto the track and follow it bearing right at junction

  • going up past Culina. Go up steps and carefully cross bypass, up steps on other side of road going up and over field

  • Cross bridge and go left (towards the big mounds of mud go between) staying left on the field past the pond and horses on left then between trees

  • stay left then go through second lot of trees this will bring you to Sturmer Red Lion.

  • Cross road and go through right hand side of car park you will be on the track going left will bring you home. 

    • For longer route when you cross road go right on footpath to the end then go left this brings you to end of track and you can head back home from there.

Summer Route 4

Summer Route 5

  • Leave from rear of Leisure Centre and head up to Chalkstone Way.

  • Cross Road near Green Road and follow footpath on LHS of Green Road.

  • Up hill track past Wilsey Farm.

  • Head right and follow down into Kedington.

  • Run to Barnardiston Arms and pass the sewage works.

  • Head down track past the meadow where we do Kevin Henry and then follow past the sewage works and all the way to Sturmer.

  • Once in Sturmer re-join the railway track and follow all the way back to the Leisure Centre

Summer Route 5.jpg

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