Welfare and Child Protection

Haverhill Running club has adopted England Athletics policies on Welfare and Child Protection. Copies of those documents can be found below.

The club’s welfare officer is Suzanne Pattinson. If you have any concerns about the way you, your child, or another member of the club is being treated, you can speak to Suzanne in absolute confidence.

Email: welfare@haverhillrunningclub.com

Haverhill Running Club – Welfare Policy

Adopted England Athletics Policies

Self declaration

You will require a self declaration form if you are:

  • Under 16 years of age
  • Parent helpers
  • General club volunteers that do not have sole supervisory responsibilities for Under 18’s
  • Unqualified coaches / officials that are assisting to gain experience prior to accessing a formal course

A self declaration form can be downloaded HERE

Do not use the self-disclosure form if applying for or renewing a Coach / Official or Run Leader qualification and you are over 16 years of age – you require a DBS application.