Club Championship 2021 – Virtual!

Grand Prix Shield 2.jpg

The Grand Prix Series has always been intended to serve as an added incentive to run in local races and have some fun at the same time. Of course, 2020 didn’t happen sadly but for 2021 we have opted to go virtual. We will put together a list of distances that could count to the Championship each month and then you upload your time to the tracker. All we ask is that you start and finish from roughly the same position and achieve the distance in full without pause breaks deducted (if you do pause then submit the total time from start to finish of your run) and then we can include as part of the Championship.

The GP uses the WAVA age grading system click here and has races over different distances and terrain, it is the true leveller of ability – being just the fastest does not win the GP!

We will be awarding 10 Bonus points for every time you represent the club at a Kevin Henry race. This will give you the opportunity to gain a lofty 60 points should you run all 6 Kevin Henry races. These bonus points will be added to the individual’s score.

Your top 9 scores will count and you can achieve the 9 scores by any means possible out of the selected events.

In the event of restrictions being lifted later this year we reserve the right to swap the virtual distances for fully organized races, we’re certain this is the hope for all club members!

Please note this is only open to 1st claim members who are registered to the club from 1st January 2021, and the top 3 males and females will receive a trophy.

Rules and eligible races are listed below.

Good luck!

Grand Prix Rules

  • The scoring will be done by the WAVA age grading system so that it gives a fairer chance to all.
  • Points are out of 100 for each race.
  • The best 9 races from the 18 available will be scored from all the GP races you race.
  • No more than 9 races will count towards the final score.
  • Cut off for all races this year will be Sunday before awards night.
  • To be in the HRC Grand Prix series you must be a paid-up club member and wear your club vest when racing (once live events start up again, but do feel free to run with the club colours on whilst competing virtually!)
  • Kevin Henry participation bonus points will be added throughout the year

2021 HRC Championship Grand Prix Virtual Distances

Feb10k, 5k
Mar10k, 5m
Apr5m, 10m
May10k, 1/2 Mara
Jun5m, 10k, Thurlow 5m / 10m
Jul10k, 5m
AugSummer Break
Sep1/2 Mara, 5k
Oct10k, 5m
Nov5m, 7 miles

Final Standings

PointsNumber of EventsNamePosNameNumber of EventsPoints
728.629Teresa Franklin1James Minnette9732.09
693.129Shirley Fowler2Ian Elden9708.09
670.269Grace Judge3Mathew Cowell9690.62
650.499Sililo Clay4John Nevin9673.68
643.249Beverley Reynolds5Christopher Hawkins9622.98
625.979Kathryn Armour6Daniel Pelling6419.47
620.089Joan Nevin7Roger Westrope6396.46
605.499Sandra Hiscox8Graeme Johnston7395.92
588.028Tracy Quarrell9Denver Lloyd8350.22
569.039Maria Reed10Philip Tempest5300.11